Heart Touching Quotes About Absence of a Male Friend

Absence is the test of love, and our hearts can endure the severest trials if we have the right feelings to begin with. At times absence brings out the worst in us but at other times it brings out the best. This article touches upon some of these beautiful quotes and also has some interesting information on how when a male friend goes away on a tour, or a business trip, or even overseas they miss them like crazy. Read on.

Heart Touching Quotes About Absence of a Male Friend

The absence of a man’s presence in our life can be just as painful as his presence.

It’s ok to cry at the end of a story without the distraction of a man.

Even though our friend is away, we are there for you when you need us.

The absence of a good friend should not be mourned. It should be understood.

When your friend dies, a piece of you can never be the same again.

You might miss him at first, but you’ll find a way to move on.

Not everyone understands the weight of being alone. There’s nothing quite like sitting in an empty space with nothing but your thoughts.

Life is just so much more beautiful without you.

It’s painful to isolate yourself from the world, but it’s even harder to be lonely when you don’t have anyone to share your thoughts with.

Thoughts are like the rings in a tree that hold memories. If you lose one, don’t worry, there are plenty more to come.

You miss someone you love when they are not around.

You’re not missing a friend–you’re making room for someone new.

“There is always a space in the heart for the one who taught us to love.”

When your best friend is the furthest thing from your mind.

A male friend is like a man with whom you can live, laugh and lead.

When you miss someone, you miss a heartbeat. When you lose someone, you’ve lost a part of yourself. When you jet them away, you’re flying by yourself.

Being without you is like being without air. When I start to feel like I am suffocating, I can’t breathe until you come around again.

It is impossible to live without failing at times, and to expect success without havingfailures along the way.

I wish it was possible to fill the space you left before you did.

It is a sad thing when someone you love and care about is mysteriously absent.

No man is an island. The greatest gift a man can give to his wife is the absence of a male friend, so that she might know how much he loves her

“If you’re a man who needs to have someone to lean on, then there are so many women out there who will gladly take your place.”

When the only thing you have to look forward to is a night without a female companion.

If a man does not understand this, he is not the man that women want.

When you’re a girl and your best friend is a guy, sometimes it feels like there’s one less person in your corner. But when you’re together, that’s not the case.

“I spend my life alone and confused, no one understands me and I’m dying.

Sometimes the worst thing about being alone is not that there’s no one around, it’s that I don’t have any good friends who reciprocate.

He’s not here because he got sucked into the vortex of time. He’s here because he was too busy being you.

So many of the opportunities I’ve been given have come from the people that have surrounded me, and so many of them would not exist if it wasn’t for you.

The absence of a male friend. Makes you miss your dad more

If you don’t have one male friend, then you have none.

Men are like air. They tend to disappear when you need them most.

How can you not love the feeling of being loved?

When your best man is missing in action, the whole world has gone topsy-turvy.

Sometimes what we need is someone to look at us and tell us how beautiful we are.

You only need three things in life: water, sunlight and love.

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village to raise a woman.

The absence of a male friend is like having no breath, or the lack of a heartbeat.

An absent male friend is a lonely person. Being without a male friend is like being without a heartbeat: it feels just as alive but, for all intents and purposes, it’s dead.

Where is my man? Where is my best friend? I miss you, bro.

It’s always a good time to be with friends, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t miss them as well.

A man without a friend is like a fish without water.

Without a friend, life is but a journey in the dark.

Because I need a man, but I’m afraid to admit it.

It’s not just about what you give, but about who you are.

Sad that it can’t be the same anymore. But gratitude for what we had.

True friendship is like a glass of water. Half full, half empty.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

What’s missing in your life? What are you longing for?

A man is like a fine wine. He’s only as good as his last vintage.

Good things take time and if you want the best out of them, give it to yourself.

The absence of a male friend is equal parts tragic and comedic. #mantra

You don’t need a man holding your hand. But you do need a woman by your side.

See, it’s not the absence of a man that makes your life incomplete. It’s what you do about it.

I miss that feeling when you’re not around. I would gladly trade it for the bond we share.

I am happier missing you than I ever would have been with you.

If you see a man walking down the street alone, you don’t have to ask – he just has a lot on his mind.

Never underestimate what a woman can do without a man. She is independent, intelligent, compassionate and strong. Like a unicorn

No matter what you’re going through, don’t give up on the people who love you and keep trying to make it better.

Sorry to hear it. But you have a lot of female friends. You have a great relationship with your mom, dad and sister.

Life is so much better when you have the right people around you.

Being single is not a disease—it’s a blessing. You have time to think, and you have time to be. Being alone is the most beautiful thing in life.

The man who is absent from your life, is really present in your thoughts.

A man is a friend who comes in and out of your life, but always leaves footprints on your heart.

If a man doesn’t have a best friend by his side, then he doesn’t deserve a best friend.

Men don’t understand how to be friends, but women don’t know how to be men. #quote

Guys need a woman in their life, especially when it comes to being able to be themselves without worrying about what others think.

How many times have you wished your best friend was a man? Well, now she is…

To be absent from the company of good men is to be present from the worst.

You don’t need a man to be happy, but you can’t be too old or crazy enough to want one.

He’s the one who walks in front of me, he’s the one who leads me on.

Being single feels like being in an empty stadium, not knowing who is coming next.

We talk about raising a woman. But one of the most important things we can do for them is to raise their sons. When a man leads, it’s easier for everyone to follow

The absence of a male friend is more noticeable than the presence of a female one.

Life can be lonely at times, but you’re never alone as long as you have your friends.

I’m grateful for my female friends who are there for me when a guy isn’t.

I need a man I can talk to, who will listen to my problems, who cares about me and my feelings. Who won’t walk away when I’m down.

A man without a code of honor is nothing. A woman without a husband is nothing.

When a man is dead, it’s not the same as him being inside you.

It’s always good to have a partner in crime, but better even to have someone who is your best friend.

I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to say. I’m just really really really grateful for the time we spent together…

As the days go by without you, I realize how much I need you.

When you’re lonely, it’s not the same without your best friend.

A male friend is someone who knows everything about you and still wants to be your friend.

You never know the meaning of loneliness until you’ve been without a friend.

“I miss my friend, but I guess it’s a good thing I have a lot of other friends.”

“No man is an island, but every single one of us needs a friend.”

We are never truly alone. The presence of a true friend is always with us.

A friend is a person who gives you courage, someone you can talk to when you’re sad and makes you feel like the world really is a friendly place.

Husbands, don’t forget to keep your wife company. You might think it’s hard with a baby, but it’s even harder without one.

When your guy friend is away, don’t be like the rest. Be better and stronger than anyone.

As a man, I was taught that you need someone to lean on. But what if you were actually stronger without him?

If you ever have a problem, if you ever need someone to talk to, just write to me. And I’ll write back and make your problems my problems too.

You don’t need a man to tell you that you’re pretty or smart. You are in your own way already, and that makes you beautiful.

There is no greater gift of being a man than the absence of a male friend.

We all miss the companionship of a male friend. Let’s raise awareness and make sure everyone knows this is a real issue.

A man’s closest friend is his dog. A woman’s best friend is her mirror.

There’s no one who can make you as happy, healthy and strong as a man.

When you are with your guy friends, everything feels right. But when you are without him, you feel like something’s missing.

It’s so easy to become lost when there’s no one by your side.

When you’re feeling down, remember that there’s a good chance the reason is because you just don’t have any friends.

Life would be a lot easier if you had a friend like him.

I don’t think I’ve ever missed having a man in my life. But when I have to go home alone at night, I miss having a friend to talk to on the phone.

“I have no friends. And I have no family. I’m all alone. There is nothing left.” -Kurt Cobain

A man without a woman is like a fish without a bicycle.

Life is a series of moments that exist outside of others, and those others are only the sum total of your interactions with them.

Unless you have a male friend, you’re missing out on some of life’s greatest moments.

I wish I had a dad. If only I could find someone normal to talk to.

A man without a woman is like a fish without water.

The fear of rejection is much more painful than the rejection itself.

When woman is taken away from their friends and family, they will always find their way back.

A man without a woman is like a fish without a bicycle.

When you’re single, you should be prepared to have your heart broken. But, when you’re married and have a family, don’t even bother breaking it.

“Men are like buses, you wait ages for one, then four come along at once.

There are so many reasons why a male friend is so important. Here are just a few…

The absence of a man in her life made her more beautiful

The friend who stayed, who remained when you had to go…

“The better friend is one who realizes a friendship should never be taken for granted.” – Unknown

The absence of a man in your life is like the ocean in your ear. It may not be heard but it will drown you eventually.

True friends are the ones who make you want to be a better person.

I don’t need a man to be my best friend. I have the best one in my life: me.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to be there. It’s just that you never know when you’ll need him.

No matter how much you try to change him, he’ll always be your friend.

A man without a woman is like a fish without a bicycle.

Being single is a gift, and it’s the most important thing that I’ve ever done.

“I have been missing someone occupying that space, who is always there for me when I need a hug and understanding.”

When you’re feeling lonely, your friends can be the best medicine.

One of the most powerful things is the absence of a good friend.

“A good friend is someone who knows about you, but loves you even more.”

I have so many male friends, but there’s only one who I’d give my life for.

No matter how much we all love men, they aren’t always required in our lives.

A man who is not faithful to you, is the cause of all your unhappiness.

When you have a friend who sticks by your side through thick and thin, a guy who is as strong as he is quiet, and as loyal as he is wise.

You can’t live the year round and you can’t leave a piece of your heart behind.

A man who is not a little selfish, but has a great deal of self-control and thinks a great deal of himself is that rarest of men—a good husband.

“Without a man, like without a mirror, a woman’s face is incomplete.

I miss the little things—like the feeling of walking down an empty hallway at school, knowing I have a best friend by my side.

From the moment someone does something for you, it’s an act of love. And until one day you do something for them, it’s never too late to start.

My husband and I were married twenty years this month. Twenty years of a friendship that has always been there, and always will be.

“The absence of a husband makes no difference in the happiness of a wife.” Saint Augustine

It’s not that I don’t have enough to say. It’s that he isn’t here.

A man without a woman is like a light without a bulb.

Men need to learn how to be supportive of other men.

I used to have a male friend, but now I’m glad I don’t.

No matter how many men you have in your life, being a strong woman is about more than just having a man around.

Without you, the whole world looks so much different.

No man is an island. But every man can be a resource for someone else.

A man without a sense of humor is like a pizza without cheese.

There’s something about the absence of a friend that makes one feel so very alone.

When you have no male friends, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Find one today and make one hell of an impact.

Not having a male friend sounds like my life is over.

Sometimes I think it’s better to not have a male friend than the wrong kind of male friend. #3Xmas

The hardest part about being a woman is getting through the day without your man.

You may think that friendship is a two-way street, but sometimes it’s just one way.

A man who does not value the friendship of a good dog is a man who does not have much to be proud of.

You know what is better than a man? A woman who knows how to cook you breakfast in bed.

No man is an island, and no woman is an island either. We are all connected.

I never realized how much I needed a male friend until he left.

Life: Where your friends are and where your friends aren’t.

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: without you, my world would be incomplete.

This is why it’s important to have a guy in your life who treats you like a queen, not just that you are one.

A strong woman is someone who doesn’t need a man to complete her, but a man to help her grow.

Friends are like stars – you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.

How much do you miss the guy who always had your back?

There is no better feeling than coming home to an empty apartment.

For the longest time, I thought my life was over. Then you came along. Oh, how things have changed.

Life is too short to have bad friends. You decide who they are, and you hold on tight.

Sometimes the most meaningful conversation you ever have is with yourself

I was never afraid of the dark. It’s only when I go into it that I feel a little scared.

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