Heart Touching Quotes About Absence of a Grandma

When a person loses his/her own mother, it is the most painful experience. But when one loses the love and care of her father or grandmother, everything seems to get worse. Sometimes we try to search those quotes and messages from outside where we satisfy our thirst for quotes but sometimes we feel not satisfied. Grandparents hold a very significant position in everyone’s life including mine and I don’t want to see you unhappy, so I am here with this article that has some heartfelt and heart-touching quotes for every missing grandma.

Heart Touching Quotes About Absence of a Grandma

Gratitude for a grandma’s absence. Missing her is like missing a piece of me, except that she’s still living and breathing.

Grandmas are the bridge between generations, filling in the space where we’ve left our hearts and memories.

Grandma gave me a heart that beats in rhythm with other hearts.

Today is a celebration of my grandmother. She was not always physically present in our lives, but she was always present in my heart.

A grandmother is like a little piece of you stuck in someone else’s body.

My grandma is the strongest woman I know, and she inspires me every day.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

As an only, I have the joy of watching my children learn from the most amazing person who ever lived. My mom, especially in her absence.

I was raised by my mama and I have a lot of love for her but nowadays, it’s just me, I don’t have anyone left to pester.

Sometimes, the absence of a grandma is the greatest loss of all.

When you miss a grandmother, even when she’s not there.

Here are the words you need to hear when your grandma is no longer with you.

A grandma is the one who keeps the memories alive of our childhood

When your grandma is gone, you miss her. But when she comes back, you love her even more.”

It’s so hard to be a kid without your grandma around.

Love is the price of friendship, and many sacrifices have been made to gain the greatest of all: the love of a grandma.

The loss of my grandma affected me greatly. I miss her every day, and will always look to her for guidance and support.

My grandma is the only person who can make me feel at home.

I wish I had a grandma who knew how to make pancakes and other simple things.

A grandmother’s love is not measured by the size of the ring she slips on your finger. It’s measured by the way she makes you feel when you’re holding her hand.

A granddaughter’s love is only as deep as her grandmother’s absence.

A grandma’s love is like little sprouts of happiness. It comes out of nowhere and grows even stronger when it’s gone.

I miss my grandma so much. She always had the most beautiful way of expressing her love and affection for me. I wish she was here now to give me a cuddle.

“No matter how strong you are, there’s always gonna be a grandma there to hold your hand.”

Grandma was the foundation of my life. The love of my heart and without whom, I would not be the person I am today.

We miss you, grandma. We love you. You were a rock in our lives and we will always remember the blessings and laughter you brought into our home.

Grandma’s hands were the ones that held you when you were falling and her voice was always there to catch you.

I’m not alone in my sorrow. I have a grandma who died too soon, but I have some good memories too.

No matter how many times you’ve been told your grandmother is the most important person in your life, it’s still difficult to say goodbye.

The life we live is the sum of all the moments we have lived.

Life is just a series of decisions. I have to be sure to choose wisely.

Sometimes when you miss your grandma the most is when she’s gone.

My grandma means the world to me…she’s everything. When she left this earth, I’m so empty and I need her back.

“Your grandmother is the only person who never forgets and always loves.”

There is never a day when I don’t think about my grandmother, she’s always there in my heart.

Can you imagine the world without a grandma? It’s true that no one can replace your own grandmother in your life, but don’t ever be afraid to be alone.

As I sit here missing my grandma, I realize how much I needed her when I was a child.

Life is better when you have someone to share it with. #lovemygranny

She was the touchstone of our family. She was our everything, and now she’s gone.

It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a soul to raise a grandchild.

“My grandma, who is 81 and blind, was visiting me from Florida. She came to visit her grandson and I for Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time together.”

Life can be better when you live in the moment.

“The absence of a grandparent can be even more painful than the death of a parent”.

It’s a hard thing to say goodbye when I never knew your grandma.

“Grandmas are there when you need them and they let you be a kid again, no matter how old you get.

I miss my grandma’s hugs. She was like a big sister to me, always telling me to be strong and never give up on my dreams.

I’m not a grandma, but I’m probably the closest thing to one you’ll ever get.

No one can stop a grandmother from loving her grandchild. But if a grandma cannot be with her grandchild, then no one can ever stop their love for each other.

My grandmas absence is like a hole that I can’t stop feeling. It’s always there, even when she is not.

A child without grandparents, is a child without hope.

I’ll just have to make it up to my grandma by taking her out for a nice dinner.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who made a difference in our lives. We love you!

“She’s the only one who’s been there with me. She taught me how to play.”

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Life is your chance to show what you can do.

No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, don’t forget your grandma.

The only thing worse than no grandma is a grandma who’s not there for you.

I miss my grandma more than words can describe.

“Grandmas are like sunshine, sunshine in a bottle. We need them more than we know.” -Anonymous

Grandma’s absence has made a huge impact on my life. I will always be grateful for her time, love and support.

We’re all the richer for our grandmothers—here’s to Grandma, wherever she is.

A grandmother is a woman who has been around for a bump in the road.

Grandma is the person who makes us feel as if our childhood is never ending. A love so deep and true that it’s impossible to measure.

No grandmothers, no weddings, no kids. No worries.

When you can’t be there, things are always better.

I know you’re out there, smiling at me. I’ll see you soon, sweetheart. Please don’t go far.

“When there’s no one to take care of you, you have to be the only one who takes care of yourself.” –Unknown

What is the one thing that would make every day with your grandma?

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder—but I swear it was the presence of a grandma that did that.

A grandma who is always there when you need her, but isn’t in your life anymore.

Here are some amazing inspirational quotes about grandmothers that will make you smile and cry at the same time.

The absence of a grandma is a death that cannot be replaced.

Missing my grandma, who has been gone for decades.

If your grandmother is gone, the next best thing is a grandma cup of coffee

Grandmas are so precious. We all miss them, but we know they’re watching over us in their own special way.

When you’re feeling blue, remember that the one thing that makes your grandma the happiest is when you smile.

“Grandmothers are those people who make you feel that there is a world full of happy things waiting for you out there if only you will open your eyes and look.”

I’m grateful for my grandmother. I wouldn’t be the same person without her in my life.

To a grandma who has made such a huge impact on my life, I’m sorry that you weren’t here to see me graduate college and become an architect. Rest in Peace..

I won’t forget your smile. Your hugs, your laughter and the sound of your voice. And I will miss you always. Goodbye sweetie!

When we lose a part of ourselves, it’s because we’ve given it away.

A grandma’s love is like a heartbeat. You can’t see it, but you can hear it.

You are not just missing a grandma. You are missing your ideal grandmother.

I’m missing my grandma, but she’s not really missing me.

She gave us the best memories, she was our grandma and we miss her more than anything.

A grandmother is like sunshine in a house, giving it warmth and light.

I wish my grandma were here to share this moment with me.

When a grandmother dies, her absence hits you hardest. It’s like a shadow being lifted from the room.

I never knew my mother’s grandmother, but I wish I’d had the chance to know her.

An absence of grandma is like an empty frame in a photo. Without her, how would the picture be complete?

We are what we remember. That’s why it’s also so important to tell stories about the people who have made an impact on our lives, especially grandmothers and mothers.

The stronger I am, the harder it is to be away from you.

A grandma’s love is not measured in miles or years, but in impact.

My grandma used to tell me: “You will never be lonely as long as you have your memories.”

I know what it’s like not to have a grandma, but I’m pretty sure you do too.

We miss you. Grams, your unconditional love and support is always at the center of everything we do. You are missed

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is skip the party. Take a break and spend some time with your grandma.

Emotional absence. It’s the same as physical absence, but worse.

Missing a grandmother is like waking up in the dark. The blinders are still on, but you’re awake now.

“The flowers that grow from seeds I plant myself are sweeter than the ones my grandmother gave me.”

No matter how old we get, there’s always one woman who’ll make us feel closer to childhood.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.

No one can take a place in your heart like your grandma.

A grandma’s absence is a void that can never be filled.

“I have a grandmother memory for every color,” said the author of this quote about having strong feelings of absence after she lost her grandma.

Grandma, I know you’re in a better place. I know your heart is with us, every single day. We miss you and love you so much.

Grandma loves you and cares for you, it’s up to you to show her how much she means

The absence of a granny is like a missing tooth. Missing for all the wrong reasons.

It’s never easy to be away from my grandma. It may have been 10 years but when I think about her, I still get sad. She’s such a great person and I truly miss her.

Grandmas are not gender specific. Grandma is a title, not a gender. No matter what title they use, they’re all amazing

We all wish we had one more hug from that special person in our life. But the fact is, we don’t always get to experience it.

I thought of her when I saw the sunset and when I walked in the rain. || With my mother gone, it’s just me and the little things.

When life gives you lemons, try squeezing them into a glass of Prosecco and serve with an inspirational quote.

The absence of a grandma is the greatest absence of all.

When you’re missing your grandma, you’ll never be lonely.

“You don’t have to be a grandma to love your grandma

Grandma’s absence is as wide as the sky but my heart is as small as yours.

Grandma’s absence is more than just a void in my life. It’s an open door

I don’t care how old you are, when your grandma dies, it’s the saddest day of your life.

A grandma is the only person who will stand by you through good and bad, through sickness and health

The absence of a grandparent can feel like a gaping hole in your heart, but the truth is that without grandparents, there would be no family.

It’s not about how long you’ve been gone. It’s about how much you’ll miss her when she’s gone.

I miss my grandma so much. Our bond was so strong, we would rarely be apart. I know that she’s looking down on me from heaven and smiling.

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone you love, but it’s even harder when she’s not really gone.

Grandmas are the best. They’re wise, they’re kind and they always know how to make our day better

Some days, you can tell that my grandma’s absence has made me a better person.

Grandma was every kid’s favorite teacher. She taught them about kindness, courage and the importance of laughter. She also told them stories about dragons.

Every family has a grandma but some are missing her.

“When my grandma died, I realized how much I missed her.”

My grandma is always there for me when I call her up.

You don’t have to be a grandma to love them. You just too busy not being a grandma.

Without my grandma, life would be like a sad song without a melody.

“I would have missed her, but the truth is that I was never there.”

One day, you will realize how much of your life you have wasted because you did not spend enough time with your grandma.

Life is like a movie, with old people in it. If you go to the movies, you have to leave before the end of the credits.

Life is never about the storms, it’s about how you face them and get back up to dance.

“I miss her so much it hurts. My heart is aching for a hug from my grandma.”

Grandma was the best part of my childhood. We miss her more than words can express

My grandma is not here anymore, and I wish she was.

The absence of a grandma is like a missing tooth, it’s not life-changing but it sure sucks.

The absence of Grandma is felt all over the house, but I know that God has prepared a place for her and I just can’t wait.”

My grandmother passed away just two weeks ago, but I can’t help but feel like she’s here with me.

Grandma, you are like my best friend, cheerleader and favorite hugger on Earth. You’ll always be there for me and I’ll always be there for you.

There is an empty place in my heart that can never be filled, even if I lived a thousand years.

Gratitude is not the absence of want, but the presence of power.

When you lose your grandma, it’s like losing a piece of your heart.

She was my grandma, my momma, and my friend. I’ll miss you forever.

No one can tell you how to live, but a grandmother does. When she’s not there, your world is upside down.

When life gets tough, Grandma will always be there to take your hand and remind you that the world isn’t all about problems.

I don’t know what I have done to deserve such a beautiful grandma, who is like no other.

You don’t have to be the perfect grandma. You just have to love them the way they are and remind them where they came from.

When your grandma’s not around you feel like the whole world has been turned on its head

She is the one who taught me how to laugh, love and live. I love you, grandma.

We were never really alone…she was always there with us, in our hearts and on our minds.

You may not remember her, but she was actually your mom’s best friend. She will always be missed.

It’s hard to believe, but I have never known my grandma.

Don’t get too close to that old lady with the crooked teeth and the smelly breath. She might be counting your money.

The absence of a grandma is like a crack in your heart.

There’s nothing like a grandmother’s love. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself or someone else.

My grandma. The most beautiful word in the English language is Grandma.

My grandma’s death left a lingering ache in my soul. I miss her.

My grandmother’s absence will be always felt, even as I grow older.

When you lose a grandmother, your childhood disappears and the world is forever changed.

Grandmas, you teach us what it means to be a good person.

No grandparent or grandmother is perfect. But the love you share with your grandma is one that will last forever.

A place without you is like a song without a melody.

The love a grandparent feels for their child is eternal, but the love our children feel for us is not. This is because they are growing up and leaving home.

“The absence of a grandma is like a dark cloud over the family.”

You always miss a grandma. But she never misses you.

Grandma, you were the oasis in my life, I miss your warm embrace.

Do you know what a grandmother is? It’s a piece of your heart that was never given a chance to grow.

Life is bigger without my grandma. She’s like sunshine on my life, she’s the flowers I plant, love on my wall and laughter in my heart.

A grandparent is someone who makes you look forward to growing up.

My grandma left me a note in the kitchen. I don’t know where she is or what’s going on, but the words are clear: “I’m so sorry.”

It’s not enough to be a good grandchild. You have to be a good great-grandchild, too.

I’m so thankful I had a grandma who stayed behind and made sure that every night I went to sleep, I did. #griefiscomplicated

You may not be ready yet to say goodbye to your grandma, but you know that someday it will be necessary. Prepare yourself for the day she’s going to leave you.

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

Life would be easier, but then it wouldn’t be worth living.

Grandma’s absence doesn’t make me feel any less loved, but it does make me miss her.

All the love in the world can make you strong, but it’s not a substitute for a grandmother’s wisdom.

For a grandmother to be absent from your life, is the greatest gift you can give your kids.

I miss my grandma. She was always there when you needed her, she was always forgiving, and she was always there for me.

A grandmother is the secret ingredient that makes life sweet.

A grandmother’s love is like magic. It’s not something that you ask for, but rather a gift you’re blessed with.

Grandma used to say you’re better off without a grandma—but she was wrong.

We miss her so much. We are always here for you and your family.

Grandma’s love is like a fresh breeze. It always makes me feel so good.

There’s no such thing as a bad day when you’ve got a grandma.

We are strong because our hearts can feel the absence of a grandmother, but we are stronger because we still keep growing.

Not having her around to cook, clean and sew dresses has made me appreciate the woman who did all that. I miss you grandma.

“I learned the most important things in life from my grandma. The rest I just stole.” -Brooke Burke

A woman is like a tea bag; she only has to be boiled once.

I miss you, grandma. I wish you were here to hug me and tell me how much you love me.

There’s a hole in my heart that no one will ever fill. I miss you, Grandma.

We love you, grandma. We miss you. But we do not need you.

No matter how old we get, we never grow out of missing our grandmothers. #Grandma

Missing your grandma is like a cold in your chest. It hurts until you get another one.

I don’t mind not having a grandmother. It’s the absence of a grandma that I can’t stand.

When my grandma is gone, I feel like my heart is a blank canvas. And there is so much loneliness and sadness in this world.

Here’s to all the memories of the great times we’ve had with your grandma. And here’s to all the memories of the great ones who are gone—hers included.

It’s true what they say, without a grandparent, you don’t have a home.

Having a grandmother is like having a second momma. You can tell her anything, and she’ll always have your back.

The most beautiful part of your life is when you stop counting the days and start counting your blessings.

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