Heart Touching Quotes About Absence of a Grandpa

Losing a grandpa is an extremely difficult time for anyone. There’s always that special bond between a grandpa and their grandchildren, and it’s hard to imagine life without the person who helped shape you into the person you are today. Our hearts are with you during this very tough time, so we’ve put together our favorite quotes on how absence can make the heart grow fonder.

Heart Touching Quotes About Absence of a Grandpa

Grandpa’s gone, but his love is still with you.

Grandpas are like angels. We miss them when they’re gone.

We miss you, grandpa. Your wisdom and kindness will always be with us.

I love this picture cuz it reminds me of how much I miss my Grandpa.

My grandpa is dead, but he lives on in the memories of those he loved and in the love he gave.

A grandparent is a walking reminder of the wonder of life. And without them, we miss out on so much.

“Grandpa was the best dad, brother and friend. He made you feel special when you were growing up and he will always be remembered with love and gratitude.”

When a father leaves us, we feel the loss of a grandparent. When a grandfather dies, he is replaced by memories—they fill our minds and hearts as no other person can.

‘Do not mourn for your father’s death, but celebrate his life.’

“A child without a grandparent is like a tree without roots.”

Gratitude for grandpa is like a bucket of water in a thirsty desert.

The absence of a grandpa is like a large hole in your heart.

A grandpa’s absence leaves a hole in my heart, but his memory is always with me.

“Grandpa was the love of my life. In a world full of chaos, he always reminded me that everything would be OK.”

Our grandpas are part of our lives, but sometimes we miss them so much.

He’s away from us and we miss his presence everyday.

Never forget your grandpa, because he’s always been with you.

Even though my grandpa is no longer with us, he was always there for me—in every sense of the word.

We miss you so much. You were so loved, and we will always love you.

Life without a grandpa is like a day without sunshine.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

Grandpa was my compass and my cheerleader, he would tell me to be fearless and daring. He always had a smile on his face.

Missing my grandpa more than I can even say.

A grandchild’s absence is felt more intensely in a grandparent’s home.

You don’t have to be lonely. You can be with your grandpa, even if you’re not with him physically.

A grandpa is a rare thing. He’s the one adult you can count on for unconditional love, wisdom and laughter.

A grandfather’s love is like a star. You can see it when you’re far away, and you can feel it when you’re close by.

“and you were there when I needed you, you were the one who was always there—and now you’re not.”

When I am feeling alone, when I am feeling like there’s no one around, that’s when your grandpa is sitting next to me, telling me it will be all right.

Missing you more than words could ever express, and your smile would take the pain away.

There are no words to describe how much I miss him.

I miss my grandfather, who died when I was five. He’s been gone for years, and the pain is still there. But I know he’s watching over me now and will always be there.

You don’t need a grandpa to be your hero. You’re one in a million yourself.

How I wish you could be the one to give me the biggest hug.

Grandfathers are like the ocean: they don’t ask questions. They just give what they have.

Quotes about the absence of a grandfather is never easy to say, but now that we have these amazing words that help us cope with the loss of our grandpa.

A grandpa’s absence is the most painful thing in the world to a child.

There is nothing that can compare to the absence of a grandpa.

Grandpa, I know you’re up there somewhere looking down. We miss you and we love you.

We all miss grandpa, but you live on in our memories.

A grandfather is someone who sees the good in you before anyone else.

Life would be so empty without my grandpa in it, because he was always there for me when I needed him most.

It’s hard not to miss a grandpa when he’s gone. But I don’t want to miss him when he is around! ”

When you find the right words to say about a grandpa, it’s like traveling across the world and meeting someone entirely new.

My heart is so grateful to have you back in it. My grandpa would be so happy that I’m finally talking about him again.

My grandpa is my biggest cheerleader. He’s the person who taught me that life is worth living, even if you struggle.

No matter how big the world is, it’s always a little smaller without you by my side.

It’s hard to believe that my grandfather is gone. One day I am going to make him proud.

A grandpa is a grandfather who is absent.

A grandpa is the heart of the family. Without him, nothing could be the same. #loveforthefamily

Every grandpa is special, but no grandpa is quite like the ones we have lost.

The grandpa who was too busy to notice you was never there.

There is nothing like the sound of a grandparent’s laugh to make you feel at home.

When a grandpa dies, the lives of everyone around him change. That is more than just a loss. It’s a change in his heart, too.

No grandpa. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

When you miss your grandpa, be sure to pay attention to the things he taught you. Remember, words are more important than actions.

No one walks across your heart like the person who walked out of it.

When my grandfatherdied, I lost more than a grandpa. I lost the voice of reason and wisdom that he had always been to me.

What an incredible year it has been. Thanks for all your help, love and guidance, for being such a special man to me. I love you so much!

The absence of a grandpa is a loud-sounding silence.

“A grandfather is someone no child should ever be without.”

The absence of a grandpa leaves a big hole in almost all children’s lives.

The love of a grandparent is a gift that no one can buy.

We’ve all lost a little piece of ourselves when we lose our grandpa. Without him, there is nothing to fill the void in our hearts.

“Mom, why do you cry? I’ve never seen my grandfather.”

This year is for you, your family and also for our grandpa.

“Take care of the people you love. Because nobody knows when their time is up.”

Your Grandpa is an angel, always looking out for you. But he can’t be there to hold your hand when things get tough. How will you carry on?

How much would it mean to you if your grandpa had never passed away? We can’t even compare to how much it will be nice to see you again.

The absence of a grandpa leaves a hole in my heart that can never be filled.

A grandparent’s absence can leave a hole big enough to hold a lifetime of memories.

A grandpa is someone who will always be there for you, even if you’re not there for him.

We miss you, Grandpa. You were always there for us. We love and miss you so much.

The greatest gift you can give your grandkids is the memories of their grandpa.

The absence of a grandpa is the only thing that can truly bring a child to life. A child without a grandpa is just a child with no spirit, hope or joy.

When you don’t have a grandparent in your life, you think about them all the time. Life is better with them around.

No grandpa is an option. I am all the family I need and more. #grandpasday

Grandpa was a good man. He made sure to tell us he loved us every single day, and it wasn’t just at bedtime. He never missed a chance to show his love for us.

My grandpa is the only one who knows me, from the inside and out.

Some people are born to be alone, but that’s not me. I was born to be with you, in your arms and in your heart.

You’re never really alone when you have a grandpa to tell stories to and teach you how to play cards.

One day you’ll realize the memories that your father left behind are enough to fill an entire room.

It’s not about what grandpa did for you, but who grandpa was.

Grandpa is never far away, but his absence is like a wound that never heals.

When grandpas are absent, all the little things you take for granted stand out.

When you lose your grandpa, you feel as if a part of you has died.

“Grandpa, I always remember the good times we had, but never the sad ones.”

Embrace the time you have with your grandfather.

Grandparents are like sunshine. You can’t see them, but you can feel them.

The absence of a grandpa is like the absence of light from a candle—it makes everything dimmer.

He was the one man in my life who could make me feel brave, strong and safe. I miss him everyday.

What does absence of a grandparent mean to you?

It’s good to have them, but it’s always better to see them.

“My grandpa often told me that absence of a parent is a very lonely thing, but when I was older I realized how true it is.”

Not even death can stop the love grandpa had for his grandkids.

When we think of our grandparents, we may not always remember their faces. But their love is ever present.

Life is so much better when you have your grandpa around.

Grandpa’s absence is like a black hole, swallowing everything up.

This is the story of a little boy who doesn’t have his grandpa, but with his mother and father, he will make it through.

Thinking back and wondering if my grandpa was there to say goodbye.

When your grandpa is gone , there is only one thing left in the world. And that’s his big empty house with all the memories stored inside.

The best part about my dad is that he’s always with me. He lives in my heart, and I live in his.

“It’s the way you care for your grandparents that will shape who you become.

It’s hard to believe how much he’s missed. Praying for his recovery, and being thankful for the blessing of my grandpa’s presence in my life.

A grandpa is the only person who can take a kid to the toy store and let him buy everything.

When grandpa dies, we promise to never love someone the way we loved him.

These quotes about absence of a grandpa will make you feel all better.

Though grandpa is not physically here anymore, I feel his presence.

Grandpa was gone before I knew what absence really was. But I still miss him.

“We miss you so much. You were always there for us and we will never forget how much you love us. Rest in peace, Grandpa. We love you forever.

There is no greater gift my grandfather gave me than his absence.

Grandpa, you are always in my heart and my mind

When you know what a grandpa means to a little boy, it’s hard to imagine life without one.

It’s hard to imagine life without a grandpa, but we should all be thankful for those who influenced us and gave us the confidence to be who we are.

Those who have not lived without a grandparent can never fully understand the pain of not having one.

He’s always been there when I needed him, now he’s gone and it feels like I’ve lost everything.

It is not the size of your heart, but the size of your actions.

The hardest part of being an adult is learning to be quiet.

A grandpa’s absence is the only thing my son’s heart hasn’t been broken by.

There is no greater love than the love of a grandfather for his grandson.

There is something very special about the way that grandpa approaches life with wonder and joy, even in his absence.

A grandpa is someone who gives you a hug and shows you the stars. He also tells you that everything will be okay, even when it isn’t.

Grandparents are like the butterflies in our families that make us complete.

If a grandpa ever walked out the door, we’d have to pick up his shoes.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

Nothing ever seems as sweet, and nothing ever feels so small. My tiny fingers want to hold yours forever.

Grandpa’s absence will never be forgotten but his love will remain in my heart forever.

When you don’t have a grandpa, you learn to love your grandfathers.

There’s no greater love than the one your grandpa feels for you.

The absence of a grandpa has encouraged us to grow up and live our lives.

Missing a grandpa is like a giant hole in your heart, but the bigger it gets, the more exciting it feels to fill it with love.

It’s my favorite time in the year. A time that makes me miss my grandfather…

No one knows the beauty of spring like a grandpa.

These poignant words will make you rethink your role as a grandparent. A great read for all grandparents going through the loss of a grandparent

Grandpa would have loved to hear these words from his great granddaughter. He is missed everyday because of your smile and laughter, so I know he’d be smiling right now.

Sometimes when you’re missing someone you love, it might feel like there’s a hole in your heart. But remember, the hole will fill itself up with memories and good feelings.

Each time my grandfather missed a grandchild’s school graduation or birth, I look around and see his absence.

Life is a series of moments, some small and some large. We’ll never truly know the impact our grandpa had on us until we realize what his absence means to us today.

My grandpa is the only man I know who could chew gum, spit it out and still look good. And he’s dead too.

He was the first one to teach me how to fish and the last one who gave me a hug. He was my best friend, and I’ll miss him so much.

When your grandpa isn’t around, remember that he’s always watching over you.

So many are the joys of missing a grandpa — in his absence I miss him more, In his honor I love you more.

We miss our grandpas. They’re the ones who still make us laugh, give us unconditional love and teach us about life.

I miss my grandpa more now than when I was a kid. It still feels like he’s gone even though he isn’t.

Your grandpa is watching you from heaven. Even though he’s not here physically, you can still feel him there.

Grandfathers are like diamonds, so rare and precious. They don’t come along often. Those that do are special!

There are two things in this world that are more powerful than love: hate and grandparents.

Grandpa was the most amazing man I’ve ever known. He died way too soon, but I’ll always remember him for everything he taught me about life and love.

My grandfather is the reason why I can sing. Without his music, I would be silent for ever.

The greatest gifts you can give are the ones that come in unexpected ways.

“My grandpa used to tell me that if you’re not happy, change something. If you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, then leave.”

Quotes that make you think of how much you miss your grandpa

The absence of a grandpa makes you realize how much you love him.

There is a hole in my heart since my grandpa died.

There is no greater love than what grandparents feel for their grandchildren.

The grandkids are gone, but my grandpa lives on.

There’s no greater gift to a grandchild than being a grandparent.

I am forever grateful for all that my grandfather taught me about life and love. I miss him every day.

This is what we do when our grandpas are away for the weekend. #ManicMonday

It’s not just grandpas who go away. Sometimes it’s us.

It’s been three years since my grandpa left us, but he is looking after me from above. My world has been so much brighter since I lost him.

It’s not that we don’t want you, it’s that we can’t keep you.

The absence of a grandpa is like an open wound in my heart.

The hardest part about being a grandparent is the absence of a grandfather.

Grandpa is gone. But the memories he shared with me will live on forever.

No words can describe how important it is to have a grandparent.

The absence of a grandparent is as significant as the presence of one.

The absence of a grandparent is like the loss of a small part of yourself, the perfect way to remember that they are always with you and in your heart.

He’s not there anymore. Perhaps that’s the hardest part of growing up, a new grandpa who is missing.

The absence of a grandpa can be hard to deal with in our world, but it’s worth remembering that he was always there for u.

The absence of a grandpa is like the wind in your sails.

If I don’t have a grandfather, the world is a very small place.

“Grandpa was like a superhero to me,” says 12-year-old Markie, who lost his grandpa to cancer.

“When you lose them, you’ll know how good it is to have one of your own.

I miss you more than anything, but I know you’re smiling down on me and showing me the way.

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