Heart Touching Quotes About Absence of a Husband

Absence of a partner/love is really painful. It’s like pain of hard work in the garden, it needs consistent watering and some good manure. We have collected here, some most-heart touching quotes about absence of husband that will melt your heart.

We all think of our spouses, as the center of our world, the hub that holds everything together. But sometimes, they enter a period where they are not physically present in your life; whether it be because of work, making a living, or even due to some military deployments.

Heart Touching Quotes About Absence of a Husband

The absence of a husband is like an open wound, it cannot be healed.

Not a wife, not a mother; just a girl who wants her husband back.

No matter how busy life gets, don’t forget to send your husband a sweet reminder that he’ll be missed every day.

A wife should be a home, a haven of comfort, a haven for her husband.

It’s a strange feeling when someone special is missing from your life – and you realize that they’re not coming home anytime soon.

Remarried women, don’t give up hope just because your husband is not in your life. You will always have a piece of him, in the memory of your love and care lives forever.

No man or woman is an island. We need to lean on others and help each other out.

“Life is like a bucket of sap. If you don’t stick around to watch it, it dries up. But if you leave and go back, there’s hope. Death is the only way back to your wife.

The absence of a husband is a sorrow like no other.

Love is not love that ends, but love that grows

I don’t think I’ve ever missed you more than I would miss you right now.

Hiding behind your smile, is a mask of the heart. Showing your face, is the real thing.

Stay strong, my friend. There is no better gift for the holidays than a husband who stays with you.

When you feel yourself losing your mind and can’t speak to anyone, it’s sometimes good to remember that there’s always someone who loves you enough to listen.

A wife is a crown that should be worn with care and love. In life, stability and unconditional love are the most important things.

“I am in a place where I don’t feel like being very sad. I’m just at peace.”

When you are missing a man in your life, these are some of the things your heart will say.

The absence of a husband can be just as painful as the presence of one.

A beautiful wife is what I would choose to be. A wife without a husband is a sadness, a void in my heart.

Life doesn’t end at your husband’s death. It actually begins then.

One thing that can be pretty hard to admit is how much we miss our men.

I missed you more than a husband, but I learned to live on my own.

“It’s been almost five years since I lost my husband. I’m still missing him, but I know he’s looking down on me and smiling.

“If you love something, let it go. If it doesn’t come back, it was never yours to begin with.

She knew the darkness was coming, but she felt its presence first in the stillness of his absence.

A woman needs a career, but she also needs a man. Without the latter, her energy dissipates.

There is no force on earth that can deprive the married couple of the bliss of living together.

There’s something about the space that makes you feel like a different person.

You are not half the woman you were before he left. You are twice as strong, and every bit as beautiful!

You’re not meant to be alone, because your husband is missing from your life.

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If a husband has been lost, he will be missed. If your heart has been broken, it can never be mended.

It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

The greatest gift you can give your husband is to show him how much he means to you by not being around at times.

I’ve lost your hand and arms, I’ve lost your lips and words. But, I have never lost your heart.

True love is blind. And marriage is a great way to make sure it stays that way.

Life is like a jar. When you get a husband, nothing stays in it.

We don’t let the absence of our husbands keep us down. We go on with life. We move forward and remain hopeful.

A husband is like a fine wine that gets better with age.

At times, I feel like it was easier when my husband was at home. But then again, without him home, I’m forced to be a better wife.

The absence of a husband is like the presence of a heartache, only more so.

A woman is never alone when her heart is with someone else.

You’re the only woman I’ve ever loved. But the absence of a husband is a familiar thing.

“Without a husband, I’m nothing. Without a family, I’m just….a woman.”

“Husbands are like the invisible fourth walls in a play. They don’t exist, but they make everything possible.”

Sometimes, the hardest thing in life is saying goodbye to someone who is constantly in your thoughts.

A wife without a husband is like a fish without water.

The best thing about a house is that it’s always lived in by someone.

When you’re alone, you realize how empty your life really is. You can do anything when you’ve got someone to share it with – and that’s a great thing for me.

You’re not defined by your partner, but rather the people you surround yourself with.

This is the hardest part about loving someone. You never really know how much you have until it’s gone.

A wife is the heart of a home. A husband is the soul of a family.

When your husband is away, sometimes the most comforting word is when you hear him say ‘hello’.

“When I am away from you, my heart is so full of life. But when I am with you, all my love seems to vanish.

No man is an island, but a woman’s love can make one look like one.

When a husband leaves his wife, she is still unhappy. But she will smile and laugh again if he comes back to her.

Some days are better without you, some days I’m glad you’re not here. But every day is better with you!

Whatever happened to being a wife first, and being an adult second?

When a husband dies, a woman has to be a widow twice. First, when she loses the love of her life and second, when she loses her identity as a wife.

I was a maid without a queen and now I am a queen without a husband.

You are a better wife than ever before, because you have learned to love yourself.

Vacations, long weekends—these are all great ways to forget that he’s gone. But then…when you get back home, it all comes rushing back.

The empty chair beside you in the movie theater is never a coincidence.

In the absence of my husband, I feel like a human being with emotions

The absence of a husband is like a missing tooth in your mouth.

Wishing you a happy matrimony, I miss your smile, the way you touch my hair. I wish you are here with me, to celebrate your awesomeness in your own ways.

The most beautiful part of you is what you find when you have to be alone.

It is not the absence of a husband that makes your life incomplete. It is the presence of shared goals, shared ambitions, and shared memories that make it rich.

When you are together, nothing else matters. When you’re apart, it’s all that matters.

Life without a husband is like the moon without the stars.

No matter how many days or years go by, the memory of you will never leave my heart.

You are not alone in the world. You have a heart to love, and a God who will always be with you and most importantly, your children.

Be inspired by the woman who is strong despite of being alone.

No matter what your life is like, you need him. Mustard seeds can grow into roses, but you won’t if you don’t have a good husband.

A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

I hope that you never have to go through this, but if you do—know that you will be stronger than before, and the pain is only temporary.

“If your marriage is missing the man, then it’s missing a piece of your heart.”

The absence of a husband is not the same as the presence of a wife.

“The absence of a husband is not a misfortune, but an opportunity.

It is not the size of your dog that counts, it’s the size of your heart.

We’re always a little sad when our husbands leave to go on their business trip, but it’s never as bad as when they disappear.

If a man is not at home, it should not be called a home. If a husband is not present, it should not be called life.

I tell my husband to leave me, but he is always there.

“The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of your time and love. Showing them what they mean to you.

No man is an island but every woman needs an island.

Life is too short to love someone who doesn’t love you back.

These are the times we’ll remember. The way you smiled in my sleep, and the way your arms felt when I held them tight against me.

She says his absence is like a missing tooth. But the pain is not like that of the tooth, it is more like the sound of scissors cutting through hair strands.

“You have all the things I want, but I am all alone. There is a place for you in my heart, and there will always be.”

In the absence of a husband, life is full of possibilities.

Missing my husband. It’s been too long since I’ve spent some time with him

Life is not complete without your husband. It is a journey, not a destination.

If a man is not present in your life and you don’t have one, how do you know that he’s missing?

No matter how hard my heart breaks for you, no matter how much I am consumed with pain and sorrow; a part of me will always be missing that he left behind.

No matter how love-struck I am, I can’t seem to forget that he’s not there. He was never in my life to begin with.

There are moments when you question how life would be without him. But there are also those moments when you realize how great life is without him.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

“Wishing my husband the best of everything in his absence. Let’s make sure he knows how much we love him.”

You know what they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Well, it doesn’t work that way with a husband.

It’s a lonely feeling, when your husband is away. When you can’t touch him or feel his arms around you.

In absence of a husband, I found that I can be very loving, thoughtful and caring.

It’s hard to love someone when it’s not your heart breaking…

A husband is the center of a woman’s existence. A man who is not there is like a clock without a face.

Missing you more than ever. When there’s no one to love, everything is lonely.

Live life without a husband. Love and compassion is a strong woman’s best friend.

When the one you love is gone, the world looks different.

Not every husband is a keeper. And sometimes we have to walk away from love in order to be free. But remember, there is always hope for happiness.

A man’s heart is a garden which must be weeded, pruned and tended.

It will take time, effort, and the love of the Lord to heal the loss you’re feeling.

When your husband is missing because he’s deployed, but he left you with a key and some beautiful flowers.

It’s funny how a missing husband keeps finding his way back into our hearts.

Let our loved ones know you are still there for them by sending them these heartfelt messages.

When a husband is gone, a wife needs to take on the roles of both wife and mother.

No husband, no honeymoon. No husband, no honeymoon. No husband, no honeymoon.

For a wife, the loss of her husband can be like the loss of a limb.

We are the ones who love, we are not the ones who are loved.

I wish I had a husband to tell me everyday that I am beautiful. To love me as I am and never change.

Okay, I’m doing this. The absence of my husband has made me realize that love is all we need. And so many bottles of wine to go with it!

My husband died twenty years ago and yet I still feel his presence, like a thread running through my life.

The sun was setting and there was no one to share it with. I turned around and he was gone

Grief is not a journey you take alone. You take it with all the people who have walked beside you, in your dreams and laughter, through your pain and tears.

The absence of a husband begins to feel like a presence.

The absence of a husband is like an absence of air in the lungs.

“The best thing I can give to him right now, is my absence.”

It’s not the absence of a husband that makes a woman sad. It’s the presence of a man she can’t stand.

Without a smile, the world is a dull place. Without a husband, it’s even worse.

I miss you everyday. I keep looking for you everywhere, but there is no one here to hold me tight.

A husband is like a lamp post—you don’t realize how bright you are until he’s gone.

Happiness is when you know the names of all your children, for every family is unique in its own way.

You know you’re missing something when you can’t wait for the day to come.

it’s the absence of a husband that will make a woman happy.

When you’re away from your husband, you miss him. When he’s not around, you want him there.

When you’re alone, it’s because he has chosen to be with someone else.

A little absence of him cannot be measured. It is the biggest loss in the world.

Life without a husband wouldn’t be the same but it will still be good.

Don’t let your husband leave you again. The greatest gift you can give to him is love, devotion, and support.

We miss everything. The way he laughed, the way he made us feel, how he made us feel so loved and at times, needed.

“Today the sun shines, tomorrow it will rain. But a lifetime together is made of today.

The hardest thing to do is say goodbye to someone you love. Leaving them can be the hardest thing you will ever do.

I will love you without measure, without end, and without reason.

A broken heart is like a firework that has fallen out of the sky. It’s beautiful, but it’s also dangerous.

I’m missing you more than words can say. I can’t sleep and I’m eating so much ice cream it’s starting to show!

Your absence becomes a presence. Your departure love’s arrival.

A clean home without a man. A husband without a family. A child without a dad.

A husband is a woman’s best friend, her mind, her protector, and the only person she can tell everything to.

There are no words to describe the emptiness I feel without you.

We miss you and love you more than you can imagine.

Life is better with someone special by your side. You give meaning to each other’s existence.

When life gets you down, remember that you don’t need a man to be happy. You are already full of love and it’s enough to lift you up

How often do we find ourselves craving the absence of a man?

You’re not a mess without him. You wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Life, like a bus, is always full of uncertainty but empty of passengers.

“One of the surest tests of a person’s success is that he is no longer capable of being upset by the actions of others.

“I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

My husband is gone and I am lonely. But my heart is filled with love for him.

Without the husband, the wife’s life is empty; without the wife, the husband’s life is incomplete.

The absence of a husband is like an ocean without water.

He’s not the one who was stolen away, he’s the one who was left behind.

She said: “I was lucky enough to have a husband for most of my life, but now that he’s gone and I can see what life would be like without him, it just isn’t the same.”

A husband is the crowning glory of a woman. She cannot be beautiful without him, and she cannot be happy without him.

You are strong enough to face your absence of a husband. You are warm enough to make him feel so warm at home that he forgets about the cold winds outside.

What is the best gift a wife can give her husband? The empty chair next to him at the dinner table.

You are not missing anything but the time you used to spend with him.

You’re better off without him, you know. And it’s probably for the best.

There are times when I realize how much I have missed him.

I want a man who makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the world and that he never wants to be with anyone else but me.

A husband is like a parachute. If he doesn’t open fast enough, you might just need one.

We are not in a relationship because we love each other. We are in a relationship because we love the idea of being together.

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” -Anita Desai

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