18th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Couples

What happens after that first kiss? If you guessed “a lifetime of memories,” you win! Life flashes before our eyes in moments like these, memories old and new there to guide us through this celebration. We include the past to remind ourselves of where we’ve come from. And by celebrating the present and looking toward the future, we lay a foundation for another 18th anniversary together.

18th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Couples

Happy Anniversary to the best #18thweddinganniversary couple out there. We wish you love, laughter and many more happy years in your marriage.

A love story is not a love poem, it’s a celebration. Happy anniversary to us.

Dear love, 20 years were enough to make me realize how great you are. Happy anniversary!

When love is new, it’s so romantic. But when it grows old and gray, it’s called marriage.

18 years together is like a lifetime of firsts, but it’s also like a lifetime of second chances. So let’s get this party started!

It’s a beautiful thing when you look back and realize that the best years of your life were spent with someone else—your partner. Happy anniversary sweet things!

You were my first breath and I’ll be your last. Thank you for always being there for me, even though it was hard to take at times. Happy 18th Anniversary!

The only thing worse than being single is being in a bad marriage. – Unknown

The tiny things—the little moments, the trivialities of life—are often the most beautiful.

Happy Anniversary to the two of us. We’ve been through a lot together, but you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing.

Love is the most beautiful thing on earth. It is a gift, it’s a dream, it’s a treasure, it goes on and on—and if you’re lucky enough to find it keep holding on to it tight and never let go.

Turn back the clock a moment. You are standing here at this exact moment of time every day with your partner. What do you have to celebrate?

Happy 18th Anniversary to the love of my life and future Mrs.

It’s been a long journey but we’ve made it. We’re celebrating our 18th anniversary with you and our family. #18AnniversarySurprise

No matter how many years have passed, you always keep true to your love. Happy 18th Anniversary!

Happy 18th Anniversary with a soulmate who shows you the world and then, makes you wish it all back again.

The most beautiful “wedding anniversary” is the first one, when you both realized that love can make anything possible.

The most important thing in life is to love, be loved, and live. Happy anniversary!

A marriage is a relationship between two people who have grown older together and become wiser, more mature, and more beautiful.

They say it takes a lifetime to figure out who you are and what you want. It took us just one year. Happy anniversary, love of my life.

Life is a journey, not a destination. On your way, you will also meet good friends and great loved ones. Happy Anniversary!

She is the sweetest thing I have ever known; and I am the luckiest man on earth!

It’s the little things that matter. The little moments that make a day—or an entire life—complete.

Let your past be the sum of your present, and your future will glow brighter than ever before.

Life is a gift that only comes for a limited time. So treasure every moment, laugh as much as you can, and love every day.

To celebrate the 18th anniversary of you and your loved one, we have a collection of romantic and meaningful wedding anniversary quotes to tell their story.

Looking forward to celebrating our 18th anniversary with you.

You say the sweetest things, my love. Happy 18th anniversary

We have been through everything together, and we will always be there for each other. Happy Anniversary!

There are no two people on this earth with more in common than you and me. Happy Anniversary, my love.

The best kind of anniversary is the kind that makes you want to celebrate again.

The strongest passion between two people comes from the desire to share their lives.

The best thing about being married is sharing your life with someone else.

Happy anniversary, my love. This day, one year ago you walked through the door that has led us to this day… and I could not be more thankful for our life together.

A happy marriage is an ocean, if a couple doesn’t learn to swim together, they’ll surely drown.

Today is a new beginning. Tomorrow is another chance to grow, and every day after that is another chance to make it perfect.

Time is a river that flows from the future to the past. And you can either swim or be swept away by it.

The greatest gift you can give your loved one is the gift of years. Happy 18th Anniversary!

We’re celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. Love is something that has lasted for a lifetime. And we’ve still got some miles to go!

It’s true. Love does last forever, but it can also endure for 18 years and 364 days.

Saying I do is easy. Keeping the spark alive long after that? That’s true love. Happy anniversary, @

When you think you are really over a relationship and then your love surprises you.

When your loved one turns 18 years old, they’re finally allowed to drink.

It’s the first anniversary of our marriage, and I’m still in love with you. Happy Anniversary!

“Love is not just a feeling, it’s a way of life.” – Barry Manilow

As they start to fade, the sweet scent of your love will always be with me.

Happiness isn’t something you find. It’s something that finds you.

On your wedding anniversary, they’ll celebrate your love and everything that you’ve done together.

For as long as two people are together, there will be an anniversary.

We’ve been together for 18 years. Not quite a century, but close enough. I love you just as much now as the first day we met. Happy Anniversary

All you need to celebrate the big one is a smile, some good company and a little champagne. Happy Anniversary!

You are the love of my life because you bring out the best in me, and I know that’s true for me too. Happy Anniversary!

When your loved one says (or texts you): I love you, more than anything in the world

The best thing about being married, is that you get to spend your life together with the one you love. Happy Anniversary to my best friend and always first lady at my side!

When you get old and gray, remember that love is the answer to life’s greatest question.

We’ve been together a long time. Let’s celebrate the reasons that keep us still standing together.

We are stronger together, our love is deeper than time and space, we could never be apart.

it’s hard to believe how much we love each other.

I’m not perfect, but I try to be a perfect partner.

Slowly but surely, our lives have been filled with the best of all things. We’re thankful for our love, our family and friends, and everything that God has gifted us!

I’m an old man who remembers when there was no internet and when you had to call someone before emailing them

Celebrating 18 years of marriage with these thoughtful and romantic anniversary quotes for couples.

The best gifts we give are the things that make us smile, even when we forget. Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to the most beautiful couple in the world! You are an inspiration and a gift from God

Happy Anniversary to the one who celebrates your laugh, loves your smile and treasures every day with you.

In the eyes of a wise man, the world is but a canvas… in the heart of a lover, it’s forever. Happy Anniversary to you! #Happyanniversary

Only the best comes to you in a gift box, so open it up and enjoy. Happy Anniversary!

We’ve been together for 18 years, so I’d say we’re pretty good at being married. We make plenty of mistakes, but we learn from them.

You are the reason for my smile, You are the sparkle in my eye, You are the reason for my laughter and love! Today is your special day! Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary.

You are my other half, my best friend & my forever love. 20 happy years together!

There should be a law that requires every couple to re-enact their wedding day every year on the anniversary of their first date.

Marry your best friend who loves you more than life itself.

You’re the best part of me, and I think about you all day long. Happy Anniversary!

It is not the years in your life that count, it is the moments in your life.

Remember to love the moment, not just the day.

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning, it’s warm and tender. But as it burns, it develops a magnificent flame.

Nothing is more beautiful than a marriage that has lasted 18 years. Happy Anniversary!

Getting old is not for sissies. It’s for couples who are together and love each other. Happy anniversary!

It’s been 18 years of love and so much more, it’s time to make another anniversary cake 🙂

To the best couple on earth, Happy 18th Anniversary! You make everything better, even though you make it look so easy.

We’ve been together for a long time, but we’re still not used to it. Happy Anniversary!

Twenty years. Two kids. Three dogs. One house. One husband. Twenty little words to say in a lifetime together: I Love You More

We are in this together. One perfect journey through the years, filled with love and laughter. Happy Anniversary!

It’s never too late to change. And it’s never too early to start. Happy Anniversary!

Get ready for the next chapter in your love story.

A perfect marriage is like a bubble, the harder you blow the bigger it gets.

In the end, we celebrate our life as a result of all the hard work and teamwork we put into it.

The most important thing in life is not the destination. It’s the journey.

To celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary, I’ve compiled some of the best and most memorable words that have been said to me over the past two decades.

Happy 18th Anniversary! This week we celebrate you, the love of my life.Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to the two of you. May the next one be even better than this one.

18 years of love, secrets, and adventure. We’ve been through a lot together, but that’s why we’re stronger now than we ever were before. Happy Anniversary to us!

The same husband and wife who first met on this day 18 years ago would be the last two people to believe they’d still be together 18 years later.

Together we’ve been through it all and then some, but nothing can tear us apart now. Happy Anniversary!

To be married for 18 years is to know the world has about 17½ good reasons not to be your friend.

You’re not my first choice — but you’re the only one I’ve got. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

I can’t believe that we have lasted this long. You are the love of my life, now and forever.

You are my better half, and I am yours. Together we will conquer the world.

When you’re in love, you have to get used to the thought that one day you’ll lose the other half of your heart.

Hope is not a plan. Hope is the first step on the journey of finding your path. By taking that first step and embracing change, you’re already halfway there.

18th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Couples, Here are some great and thought-provoking first anniversary quotes for couples.

Happy anniversary to the couple who has been married for 18 years. Here’s to an even richer life together #18yearswithyou

Wishing you and your partner thousands of happy years together!

There’s nothing more romantic than saying ‘I do’ to someone you love with all your heart. Happy Anniversary!

A year is a long time, but two is forever. Happy anniversary to the two of us!

You are my heart, my soul, my friend. Happy Anniversary.

It is not how long you have been married, but how well you have lived.

18 years of marriage is a real treat. It feels like you’re still discovering new things about each other every day.

Happy Anniversary! You look as beautiful today as the first day we met.

No matter how old they are, they will always be the couple that can make each other laugh, cry, and have a good time.

Today, you and I are each other’s first love the first time around.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

On your 18th wedding anniversary, you turn into a teenager.

Happy 18th wedding anniversary, love! You’ve kept me young and strong. I love you more than ever.

Life’s most magnificent moments, are often found in the everyday. Happy Anniversary!

18 years is a major milestone and we couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to life-long relationships & lasting memories.

These Quotes Are the Sweetest Way to Keep It Real

The best thing about being married is becoming better friends with your significant other, one laugh or shared experience at a time.

The best things in life are free. And they’re priceless.

The heart wants what it wants. And the mind believes what it believes.

You make me a better person and I love you dearly.

Never stop falling in love with your best friend.

This year will go down as a turning point in our lives, because we had the courage to turn back from what was wrong, and do what was right.

The only two certain things in life are death and taxes. The rest is just possible, but not likely. – Benjamin Franklin

Counting down the years together is an adventure worth celebrating. Happy 18th anniversary, you two!

Happy Anniversary to the two of you! May your future be filled with love, laughs, and happiness.

The best part of marriage is having someone to celebrate with.

You can never go wrong with love. You can only go right by staying together forever. Happy Anniversary!

Life is full of curves, but don’t worry – there’s always room for love. Happy anniversary to the one you love.

Being together is like falling in love all over again. Happy Anniversary!

The love you take is equal to the love you make.

Love is magical. It brings out the best in people and gives them wings.

Love is a process of discovery. The ultimate challenge is to discover the best in yourself, in your partner and together in each other.

A relationship is like a rollercoaster, you go up, then you go down, then you go up again.

The way you put up with me, the way you put up with everything that life throws at us, it amazes me how long we’ve lasted.

Here’s to all the amazing couples who have stuck by each other since the beginning. Happy Anniversary!

We’ve made it. The most important milestone of all: 18 years together. Happy anniversary to the happiest couple in the world.

You two were made for each other. Happy anniversary!

Happiness is a choice—and it’s a choice we make every day. Happy Anniversary, you two.

I have loved you for 18 years. I promise to love you for the next 100. Happy Anniversary to Me and You!

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life – I am grateful for all the memories, adventures and laughs we have shared. I can’t wait to see what the future holds together

We’ve been married for 18 years, and I still can’t get over the fact that I actually married you. ☺

It’s a new year, and the same old you. Celebrate the journey with the one you love.

The best things in life are made up of longevity, patience, and a thoughtful gesture.

In the best of times, and in the worst of times—through good days and bad. You are always in my heart. Happy Anniversary

A love story is not a love story unless it has its ups and downs, pain and pleasure. It’s an adventure.

You are the reason I have hope. You are the reason I smile. You are the reason my heart beats again – every day of my life.

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