95th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Couples

In celebration of 95th wedding anniversary, I’d like to present the best quotes for couples. If you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary then use this article as inspiration for your anniversary toast. Joking aside, these quotes are also useful if you need some anniversary quotes for a card or letter you’re writing.

Wedding anniversary quotes for couples are to be treasured because they give you a variety of words to express what you feel. Think about it: How can something be so important and so easily expressed with a quote?

95th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Couples

95 years and still going strong. Couples like these, don’t die! #95WeddingAnniversary

Celebrating an extraordinary love story, 95 years together. Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs.

Celebrating your anniversary is about celebrating their life together.

In the 95th year of married life, we acknowledge it is the marriage that matters most. Happy Anniversary to both of you.

It’s been a big year for us. We’ve made some great memories, shared some great laughs and we’re in love with each other even more now. Happy 95th Anniversary to us

The road to your future together is paved with the footsteps of your past. Happy 95th Anniversary.

Celebrating this special day with our friends, family and loved ones.

Today, we celebrate two relationships: yours and ours.

Every day should be a celebration of your love with each other.

The love you’ve shared, the joy you’ve found, and the beauty you bring to each other are what really matters. Happy anniversary!

He makes you think, she makes you want to act.

The 2 of you are celebrating your 95th wedding anniversary. Congrats!

Celebrating our 95 years of marriage. Happy anniversary to you and your love!

Celebrating today with a ceremony of their own: 95 years of love and commitment.

Happy 95th Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life

We’ve been lucky enough to celebrate 95 years of love. Happy Anniversary, sweetie!

Congratulations! Your love story is truly an inspiration: it’s lasted 95 years and counting. #95years

Can’t believe how far we’ve come, it’s been a long journey but oh so wonderful. Happy 95th Anniversary

May you both celebrate your love for each other by celebrating this special day together. Happy Anniversary!

A couple’s vows tell us who they are, what they cherish. It’s the beginning of a life together and the foundation of all that follows.

This is the day that you and your loved one have been waiting for. You finally have all of your dreams come true and it’s a beautiful day to celebrate with each other!

Happiness is a choice. Make a choice to love and be loved today

The most important day of your life may not be the day you met, but the day you start to live together.

Celebrating our wonderful friends who have been married for more than 95 years!

Celebrating the 95th wedding anniversary of our parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Rajan. Happy Anniversary!

It’s their wedding anniversary. Now it’s your turn to celebrate with them.

In love forever, we wish you a #95thanniversary filled with memories, laughter and love.

It’s been 95 years of love, laughter, and memories. Congratulations to you both!

What better way to celebrate 95 years of marriage than by doing something that makes you feel young again.

Celebrate this special milestone with your loved ones.

Celebrate your special day with a timeless look.

Celebrating our anniversary with you is a gift we will always treasure. We’ve been together for over 95 years and we can’t imagine life without you.

The love you have for your partner is something that should be celebrated, not hidden. Celebrate your anniversary with us!

It’s your year to celebrate. Happy Anniversary!

Happiest of birthdays to my forever and ever together

Love is an instinctual feeling that cannot be legislated or controlled.

Celebrating #95years of marriage with a sweet celebration.

Celebrating the 95th wedding anniversary of two people who were always head over heels in love.

Celebrating their 95th anniversary! A day to celebrate the love that never dies.

We celebrate our 95th wedding anniversary by sharing this beautiful photo of my wife and I. Together, we have done more than most can ever imagine.

You’re a couple that only grows stronger with every year. Here’s to 95 years of love and friendship

We’ve been together for 95 years. This #tbt is dedicated to all you couples who chose to be with your love until the end of time

Happy Anniversary to the sweetest and most loving couple we have ever met. Thank you for changing our lives forever.

Happy Anniversary to the love of our life. We are truly blessed to have you as our partner for life.

Your love story is one of a kind. Happy anniversary to the sweetest couple I know!

What better way to celebrate your love than with a trip across the pond? ????????

Happy Anniversary! You’re inspiring us to reach higher and stay true to who we want to be. If you’re ready to celebrate that with a gift, check out our shop now.

Our Love will never fade, our bond will never grow old. We are celebrating our 95th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating the love of your life on their 95th Anniversary. Together for 95 years, so many adventures and memories to share.

Congratulations on your 95th wedding anniversary, you make a great couple!

Our heart is full of love and joy as we celebrate our 95th wedding anniversary with you!

Celebrating our 95th anniversary with love, laughter and lots of cake.

Congratulations to this lovely couple! These two longtime lovebirds celebrated their 95th anniversary with a trip to Paris.

Happy Anniversary to the couple who shares their love and commitment with one another on this special day.

We’re celebrating our 95th wedding anniversary with a very special gift: your love and support. You made this day possible. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts…

Celebrating your love with a cake that’s as sweet as their anniversary.

Many happy anniversaries to many couples celebrating their wedding anniversary. May your love grow stronger with each year

Happy 5th Anniversary to the lovebirds. May you have many more years of happiness together.

Have a blast this weekend with your partner.

We are celebrating together. We are together in every way possible. We walk through life hand in hand and we always will

The couple who celebrates their 95th wedding anniversary deserves a celebration like this.

Let go of the past and embrace the future. It’s your 95th wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the who got married this past year. May your love endure, as it has for 95 years.

In the 95th Anniversary of our marriage, let’s celebrate life, love and the joy of being together.

We have been together for 95 years, and we will celebrate it along with you.

Celebrating the love and commitment of your lives.

We have been together for 95 years and are still in love. Happy anniversary, my hubby!

We’ve been married for almost 20 years. Let’s celebrate our anniversary! #happybirthday

Reach for the stars on your anniversary. We’ve got you covered.

May you have the strength, love and courage to celebrate every anniversary together. Happy Couple’s anniversary!

Celebrating our #95yearanniversary. We hope you enjoy this quote: “Once you’ve had a great love, it changes the colour of everything.”

Happy Anniversary to our lovely couple! May your love last five times as long as this cake

Let’s celebrate the love that binds you together. ⁣

We are celebrating this day with you. May the love between you never fade away and may your bond grow stronger over time.

What’s the secret to a long and happy marriage? Everything.

You’ve been together for 95 years, so it’s only right that you celebrate with us.

Happy 95th Anniversary to the love of my life. Love and Rock on!

Did it really happen? Did we celebrate our 95th wedding anniversary this year? We certainly did and we’re still going strong.

Turning 95 is a big number, but when you’re in the heart of these two, it’s not a big deal. Happy Anniversary, my love!

Celebrate your special day together with a bottle of champagne

Happy anniversary, you’ve been together longer than most couples your age.

Celebrating your love with a bottle of wine and the people who made it all possible.

We’ve been married for over 95 years and we still can’t stop giggling!

It takes a lifetime for two people to become one, but it takes only one hour to ruin it. Happy Anniversary!

Wishing you a very happy 95th wedding anniversary.

To celebrate our 95th Anniversary, we say “Happy Anniversary!” to the proud couples who were married on this day in 1946.

Happy 95th Anniversary to the love of your life, Mr. and Mrs.

Happy anniversary to the couple who have been #1 in each other’s hearts for 50 years.

Celebrating our 95th anniversary this week. No matter how you’re celebrating, we hope it’s a special one!

Happy your 5th Wedding Anniversary. The best is yet to come.

Celebrate your love in style—on the big day, and every day.

Happy 95th Anniversary to the lovebirds who’ve been together for over half a century. You’re still in love, but I now know exactly how you stay that way.

Celebrating a milestone in our world. We’re so grateful for you and the memories we’ve made together.

The power of love is timeless, no matter how long you two have been together. Happy anniversary to this gorgeous couple!

Here’s to celebrating a love that keeps growing old

Since we first met, 95 years ago, our love has grown and changed us both. Now we are more in love than ever. Thank you for your support and for sharing this moment with us!

The sweet, storied truth about love: the miracle of a lifetime.

Celebrating our 95th anniversary with this couple!

Happy 95th wedding anniversary to our love, the first and only.

95 years together is a pretty special milestone. Happy Anniversary to this sweet couple

Today is the 95th wedding anniversary for the lovebirds. Congratulations on 25 years of marriage and good health!

Surprised yet? We’re feeling a bit nostalgic and couldn’t resist sharing these quotes from some of our favorite couples celebrating their 95th wedding anniversaries.

Happy 95th anniversary, you two!  Love always and forever.

Celebrate your love and past years together with a beautiful gift for them.

Thank you for celebrating with us this 95th anniversary.

It is a reminder to celebrate the love and support that you have received over the years.

Happiness is when you find your best friend and realize it’s not someone who shares your same DNA, but they have the same blood running through their veins.

Congratulations to the 95th Couple who are celebrating their anniversary on this special day.

We celebrate our 95th wedding anniversary with love, laughter and lots of cake!

Celebrating your 95th wedding anniversary is an expression of commitment and love. We wish you a long and happy life together.

In your 95th year together, this week celebrate the joys of marriage.

Celebrating #95th wedding anniversary with a batch of sweet memories, love and laughter

Happy 95th anniversary to you two and many more! You are an inspiration to all couples around the world.

Happy Anniversary to this couple! They are a picture of love and happiness.

95 years strong. Love never dies. Happy anniversary to you both.

95 years young. And still going strong. Happy anniversary to

The most beautiful two decades of your life, together. Happy anniversary to the couple who has everything!

This couple celebrates their 95th wedding anniversary.

Celebrating the 95th Wedding Anniversary of my parents, I love you.

Celebrate your love with this romantic anniversary date.

Happy anniversary to the most amazing couple we’ve ever met. Congratulations on 95 years together.

Celebrating the love that grows stronger with age. Happy Anniversary Couple!

95 years and still going strong! Congratulations to the lovebirds.

The 95th anniversary of our first date, hand in hand.

Celebrate the good things in life and make your day even better with a pair of these ultra-soft, color-coordinated socks. #happyweddinganniversary

Celebrate the love you share, together forever.

May you continue to grow together as a couple through good times and bad, for many more years to come.

The love don’t fade, It will always be there, If we take the time to look back and love.

You’re my #1 priority and I’ll stand by you in good times, bad times and all the time. Happy Anniversary!

Congrats to the happy couple on their 95th wedding anniversary.

Celebrating our 95th wedding anniversary with @jeffreyrdlin and @lisa_redmond.

Celebrating a 95th anniversary with a toast to you and your love.

For a couple that has been together for 95 years, they sure do look good.

We’re celebrating our 95th anniversary. We hope you can join us for some champagne and cake.

95th wedding anniversary and counting. Your love has always been a force of nature, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Celebrating our 95th anniversary. Thanks to all who have been a part of our adventure, and to those who have loved us along the way.

To celebrate your special day, we’re sharing our favorite ways to make memorable anniversary gifts.

When love is a choice, it’s one of the most powerful decisions you’ll ever make. Happy Anniversary to the Extraordinary Couple!

A life together is built of moments bigger than the sum of its parts. That’s why we celebrate those who have found true love and commitment.

So many years, so many moments and adventures. A lifetime full of love, laughter and happiness. We salute you for being a part of our journey through the years.

Celebrating your 95th wedding anniversary with a big, happy and exciting trip!

Happy anniversary to the lovebirds who have enjoyed every moment together and celebrate their 95th anniversary with us!

Celebrating our 95th wedding anniversary with family, friends and a few lovelies

Happy Anniversary to the couple who have been married 95 years! May you live another 100.

Celebrating 95 years of marriage. You’re the love of our life, and we can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with you!

Eighty-five years of love. Happy anniversary to the 95 year old couple, Richard and Carol.

Congratulations on your 95th Wedding Anniversary! May this celebration mark the beginning of many more years of happiness, love and togetherness.

Happy 95th Anniversary! Our love is so deep, can’t even see the sky

It’s been 95 years of promises and happily-ever-afters. May your wishes come true and may your health be just as good. Happy anniversary!

A marriage that lasts as long as ours is an amazing thing. Happy Anniversary, you two!

Celebrating the love and commitment found in every marriage. It takes work, but the rewards are worth it.

Coming up on our 95th wedding anniversary. We’re celebrating with a photo op.

Celebrating 95 years of love and marriage. Happy anniversary to us and all the couples out there at this special time!

Happy 95th Wedding Anniversary to this modern-day Romeo and Juliet. #loveis

Brought together by love, forever bound by it. Happy 95th Wedding Anniversary to the @mossandmimos!

Happy Anniversary to my love and best friend! Wishing you a 95th anniversary filled with love and laughter.

Wishing you and your loved one an anniversary filled with memories and love.

A happy anniversary to the lovebirds of this world—and you know who you are

That’s how much we love you. Happy #95thAnniversary to these two!

Celebrating 95 years of love and laughter for the Lovullo’s

You’re not just celebrating a wedding anniversary. You’re celebrating and commemorating a commitment that you keep through the years—a commitment to one another.

We got you. Celebrating a marriage as unique and beautiful as yours is the first step to a long, happy relationship. Happy Anniversary!

It’s been a good day for the two of you. Together, you’ve experienced laughter, love, and triumph over loss. Happy Anniversary

Congratulations, you’ve done it! The journey of your love is an amazing story of affection and companionship that no one could ever ask for more.

Celebrating a milestone moment with you is the only thing that feels better than the first time.

Wishing you all a very happy 95th wedding anniversary!

Happy 95th Anniversary to the couple that has lasted through it all—and we love you both.

Happy anniversary to the love of my life and partner in crime for the past 95 years.

Cheers to the 95th Anniversary of these two

Celebrating 95 years together. Love, laughter and friendship is timeless.

Happy 95th Anniversary to two wonderful people who have been through some of life’s greatest challenges and then survived them.

95th Anniversary of our marriage. We are still crazy in love, but with a little grey hair and an extra good look at each other.

Celebrate the love between you with a beautiful custom anniversary cake from @cakes_by_kate

95 years together. May this day inspire you to keep the love alive, even when both of you are old and gray. Happy anniversary!

To celebrate their love, we have created a range of treasures by the best-of-class craftspeople.

Anniversary celebrations are made for moments like these.

From the moment you met, you have been there for me in every way. I love you! Happy Anniversary to my one and only.

Remember when… your love was made for this moment.

We’ll always be the best of friends, thanks for the memories.

Congratulations to Ms. and Mr. X on their 95th Wedding Anniversary!

The 95th wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. John Smith is a milestone that we are proud to celebrate together with friends and family.

Celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the wedding of Andrew T. and Maynard L. with a fun and festive reception at their home.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Happy #95th anniversary, you two!

Celebrating our 95th year of marriage. Thank you for all the laughter, fights and years of love! #LoveWins

Happy anniversary to the love of our lives. Here’s to many more years of happiness together.

The best way to celebrate your anniversary is with a romantic trip.

We’re celebrating our 95th Anniversary. Join us this weekend—and every weekend for the rest of our lives!

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. May your love never grow old and may your bond continue to grow stronger everyday!

A century of true love is a long time. But it’s even longer when you’re at 95 years old and happily married to the same person. Happy anniversary.

Make this one the best one yet. Celebrate your love

“A love that endures is not like a friendship that comes and goes. A love like ours is eternal.”

It’s the little things in life that matter. The moment you choose to look back on, when you’re thinking about how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished together.

Celebrating #95th wedding anniversary with all the love, joy and laughter they share.

Celebrating love with a little For the most romantic wedding anniversary celebration, here’s to the 95 years of love and happiness together.

How do you celebrate a 95th wedding anniversary? By keeping the love alive with fresh flowers, hand-crafted candies and more.

Celebrating our 95th Wedding Anniversary this weekend! Thank you for all the memories. We love and appreciate each other more than ever.

A dream to remember. A love that endures. 95 years and counting.

A love story. A book. A future. A life together that’s been worth celebrating at 95 years and counting. Happy anniversary to your favorite couple

Special Moment shared by two of our favorite couples. Celebrate their love and friendship with them!

Our love story started 95 years ago, with a wrong number.

It’s been 95 years of love, laughter, and dancing. Congratulations to you—and to each other!

This is the time of year couples celebrate their relationship. It’s a moment that reminds us of the people who have touched our lives and made us who we are today.

Here’s to you and your love, for all the years that have come and gone. Happy Anniversary.

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