94th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Couples

It’s not a number that most celebrate. But when you stop to think about it, 94 years is incredible. How many people can say that they’ve shared 94 years of marriage? Not many, which makes this wedding anniversary quotes for couples even more touching.

94th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Couples

Celebrating a 94th wedding anniversary together! Thank you for being an inspiration to us.

Congratulations to the 94th couple to tie the knot! May your love live on through each year that you share together with us.

Wishing you a wonderful and memorable 94th anniversary.

Happy 94th wedding anniversary to the love that never ends. Love you forever, forever and always.

Today, we celebrate the 94th anniversary of you and me. All the love and sartorial splendour of your wedding day, in iconic Fall designs. Happy Anniversary!

We’ve got the best of both worlds—a love story that started on their first date, and a life full of happy memories.

What do you wear for your wedding anniversary?

When love is true, it always looks like a miracle.

We celebrate the fact that you’re here with me. I love you and I thank God for bringing us together.

The 94th anniversary of our marriage is a day to celebrate life.

Celebrate the #94thanniversaryof you and your spouse this year, with a photo that captures the memories.

Today is the day—the 94th anniversary of your relationship. Happy Anniversary to you and your partner.

Love is a verb. Celebrate it by celebrating these couples’ many years together

Wow! We’re reaching our 94th anniversary and couldn’t be happier.

Celebrating 20 years of marriage. May the love you share never grow old, #Happy20thAnniversary

You are loved and cherished. Happy 94th Anniversary!

We’re celebrating a whole new milestone together.

Today’s anniversary is a reminder to celebrate the good things in life and never take any day for granted.

Celebrating every milestone with you is our favorite thing to do. We couldn’t imagine what life would be like without you.

The bond between couples has lasted this long, so we celebrate their 94th wedding anniversary by wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Wishing to you and your beloveds a very happy 94th wedding anniversary! Have a blast celebrating together with some sweet treats.

On this day, 94 years ago, we became husband & wife. Here’s to 94 more years of love and laughter!

Celebrating your 94th anniversary is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated with a proper party!

We are celebrating our 94th anniversary with a vow renewal, an anniversary dinner and gift bags for friends and family.

The couple I admire most is the one that practices what it preaches. Happy 94th Anniversary !

We’ve been together for 94 years. That’s a long time!

A day to celebrate the love. A day to remember the legacy.

Celebrate your love with us on this special day

Today’s couples are so powerful together. They have been there for each other during the highs, and theyathered through the lows.

You’re a work of art & we’re so glad you found us. Happy anniversary, you two!

Couples like us come as a package deal. We’re always there for you, every step of the way. Happy anniversary!

Great marriages come from great conversations. A loving conversation can deepen your relationship and help you grow together. Happy Anniversary!

Celebrate a special 94th wedding anniversary with us!

Counting down to your 94th Wedding Anniversary!

We’ve been married for 94 years, and this is exactly how we celebrate!

For a couple who has been married for 94 years, every day is a celebration.

Happy anniversary to the beautiful couple who are celebrating their 94th wedding anniversary. Here’s to a lifetime of love!

94th Anniversary – we’re celebrating with you!

Wishing all the married couples a special day!

A love story, a promise kept and a lifetime of memories.

It’s your turn to be romantic. Celebrate your love

Celebrating our 94th anniversary. From the beginning to present; you were never just one thing. You were whole, you were perfect and you still are…

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. -André Gide

Love doesn’t stand still. It keeps growing, changing, evolving. So does your relationship

Celebrating the 94th Anniversary of this exceptional couple.

Celebrate your 94th wedding anniversary with us!

Congratulations to the 94th Anniversary Couple, who celebrated their big day by spending a lifetime together.

Their love has spanned decades, but they’re still going strong. Here’s to the 94th anniversary of your marriage.

Sharing our love with the world. We are celebrating 94 years of marriage together. Happy Anniversary to the strongest couple in the world.

The happy couple celebrated their 94th wedding anniversary in style with a surprise trip to Malaysia and Singapore

You’ve been together for almost a century. Congratulations on your 94th anniversary!

It’s been 90 years together. Married since the first day of summer. 94 years and counting!

At 94 years young, this couple is one of the luckiest in the world! Congratulations, you are absolutely stunning.

Celebrating 4 decades of love and laughter. Thanks to all the couples who have built lives together over the years! #longtimecouples

You have shared so many milestones together. I can’t believe it has been 94 years!

You know what goes great with red and white? A glass of wine for two, on the same seat you first sat in 94 years ago.

Celebrating our 94th wedding anniversary in style!

It’s been 94 years of marriage. Congratulations!

We got married on this day and we have been getting married ever since. We are celebrating our 94th anniversary with a kiss!

May you have endless love life, and may your love last forever. Happy 94th Anniversary to all couples!

The love you choose is the love you keep. Happy Anniversary to the 94 couples who made it through their first year of marriage!

One, two, three… ninety-four years of marriage. How about that?

You don’t get many chances to celebrate a marriage, but the 94th anniversary of ours was filled with joy, laughter and lots of love. Happy Anniversary!

The number is 94. That’s how many years we’ve been together. We’re not just married, but we’re partners in life.

94 years is a long time to be together, but it’s never too late to make a promise.

94 years of love. 94 years together. Will you walk with me in the days ahead?

Love is the most beautiful thing. Celebrate your love with a customized photo frame and a heartfelt card created especially for your special occasion.

A lifetime is made up of moments, and you make all of them special. Happy anniversary to my fave couple

You’re in this together, through all of the good and bad. This is your legacy. Celebrate it with us!

Happily ever after is something that happens to other people. It’s a choice. At this point in your relationship, which of these two pet peeves sounds more like a tradition?

A 94th wedding anniversary is a wonderful celebration of love and commitment.

Today is the 94th anniversary of the first wedding for this couple. Congratulations!

Happy 94th Wedding Anniversary for my love and me.

Couples have been together for 94 years. Celebrate them together with a decadent cake that will make every year a memorable one.

To one of the most beautiful and extraordinary couples we have ever met. 94 years strong!

We’ve made it. We’ve been together for 94 years! Here’s to 94 more.

Couples who have been married for 94 years are the happiest and healthiest couples, according to the latest research released by Match.com.

We’ve been on this life journey for 94 years, so we’re celebrating in style.

Looking back at 94 years together, we are so thankful to have you by our side. Happy Anniversary!

Happy 94th Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life! I’m so thankful for you, and I promise to be a better wife so that we can grow old together.

You are here, and we are here. So many years together, so much to celebrate. Here’s to you! #94years

We’ve been together for 94 years, we’ve loved and lost a whole lot of friends, and this is just how it’s supposed to be. Happy Anniversary!

Oh, what a happy day it is. We celebrate the longevity of your love, with love and joy.

The package deal: A lifetime of happiness, excitement and love—for the whole family.

Celebrating the 94th anniversary of our parents’ marriage

A special celebration of two people who have been together for 94 years.

Celebrate the sweetest couple on your list with this special anniversary edition.

Celebrating our 94th anniversary with you, sweetheart.

The best thing about being married is always having someone to love. Happy 94th Anniversary!

Today we celebrate the 94th anniversary of your wedding day. You two are a dynamic duo. Keep up the good work!

Happy 94th Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life and best friend, who has been by my side through thick and thin.

We celebrate your many years together, and wish you many more ahead.

A lifetime spent together is as precious as a single moment.

We would like to thank you for the memories.

Here’s to many more years of love, laughter and companionship.

You may not always agree with your partner, but don’t ever doubt how much you love them.

Looking back at everything that has happened to us over the years is something we cherish so much. We wouldn’t change a thing

Wishing you a very happy 94th wedding anniversary!

Celebrating our 94th Wedding Anniversary with a toast of love, laughter and gratitude.

Celebrate your 94th wedding anniversary with us today!

To the best couple in the world. We wish you a wonderful 94th anniversary and many more years to come!

Celebrating the 94th anniversary of two hearts that were meant to beat together.

The best part of being married is spending time with your loved one on their #94thanniversary!

Today is our 94th wedding anniversary and we couldn’t be happier. We hope that your day is as beautiful and magical as ours has been.

The first 94 years of a couple’s life together is not a sprint, but a marathon. Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversaries couples! Here’s to all the love and happiness you have shared with each other.

94 years young and still going strong. We love you, my darling @loveyousome.

This weekend is your chance to celebrate your loved ones. We hope you have a great time together!

The four of us are so fortunate to have each other. Thank you for all the love, joy and laughter over the years. We couldn’t do it without you

The spice of life is irresistible. 94th Wedding Anniversary for Couples

Celebrating the love and commitment that has brought you together for 94 years!

Celebrating the 94th anniversary of the marriage of Steve and Sally Bernard.

This year, we’re celebrating the 94th anniversary of this beautiful union.

We’ve been married for 94 years. Happy Anniversary, honey!

It’s been 94 years of being married—here’s to you and forever.

Let’s celebrate today’s 94th anniversary of love with a toast to the many couples that have shared love like this

It’s been 94 years of love, laughter and memories. Here’s to your future together!

Celebrating the 94th anniversary of your wedding day with a photo at the most magical place is always a good idea.

94 years, and going strong. Congratulations to you both!

Don’t you dare forget to celebrate your anniversary. We’ll always be here for you.

What better way to celebrate your love than with a trip to the island?

Our love story began as a date, and we never looked back.”

Celebrate your 94th wedding anniversary with these special set of anniversary cards for couples.

The best of love lasts for 94 years. Happy anniversary to the couple who started it all.

94th Wedding Anniversary and 15 years of love and devotion. Congratulations to this beautiful couple!

We’ve been together for 94 years; lucky for us, we’re still feeling like newlyweds. Happy Anniversary!

To celebrate our 94th year of marriage, we’ve stocked up on big bags of love and some extra-big smiles for you.

We’ve been married since 1994 and I don’t think we could have picked a better year to celebrate our anniversary.

We have been through thick and thin, but you brought me back to the person I used to be. Here’s to 94 years of marriage

The best years are the ones that get better with age. Happy Anniversary, you two

A year of love and laughter, life-long commitment and steadfast friendship are only some of the reasons why we’re so glad to be 93.

The power of love is stronger than the test of time.

Wishing you a decade of love, laughter, and adventure.

You are my best friend and love of my life. I couldn’t have made it through these years without you by my side. Happy Anniversary!

Wishing you the joys of your 94th wedding anniversary! You two are one for a reason

Happy anniversary to all of you who have been married for 94 years. We celebrate your love, commitment, and companionship.

Happy Anniversary to couples who have stood the test of time. Congratulations!

94 years of love. What a long journey it’s been! Happy Anniversary to the lovebirds

Happy 94th anniversary to the most doting couple in the world! We love you both so much and couldn’t have asked for better partners, friends and parents.

94 years of marriage and still going strong. Happy Anniversary to the lovebirds @richard_and_sharon

May this precious moment be your sweetest as another year of love and laughter, adventure and peace, all wrapped up with each other. Happy #94thAnniversary!

Capture the magic of your love story with a personalized gallery just for you.

It’s been 94 years together and still going strong! We love you most, in fact.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to discover how much you’ve loved someone. On this special day, we celebrate the life that two people have built together.

Celebrate your 94th wedding anniversary with us, as we remember the love and commitment you have shown to each other through the years.

Today we celebrate our 94th wedding anniversary! We are so grateful for the love and support you have shown us over the years.

Celebrating the 94th anniversary of our marriage. We have been through an amazing journey together, and we thank you for being a part of it.

What a fantastic day to be celebrating with your partner. Ninety-four years, together

The love that endures through time – Happy Anniversary!

94 years young and still going strong. Happy Anniversary to you both.

Thank you for the memories. We love you, always and forever. Happy 94th Anniversary to this amazing couple

Congratulations on your 94th year together! May you continue to grow old gracefully and with love.

All you need to do is decide on the days you want to spend with your spouse and then commit to doing it. #94thAnniversary

We got married 94 years ago today—and we’re still madly in love.

We have been married for 94 years. I never wanted to be anyone else’s wife, but marriage is a challenge that you must take up, together.

We made it! We’ve celebrated two decades of marriage. Here’s to many more years of love and laughter together

Celebrating the 94th anniversary of our 2nd marriage.

Celebrating the 94th anniversary of this extraordinary love story:

94th Anniversary of our Love! We are celebrating our love, together and forever.

One is the loneliest number, but two can share anything. Happy 94th Anniversary to the love of your life!

We’re celebrating our 94th wedding anniversary today with a special present for you: a free, year-long membership of the Couples’ Club.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure 94th anniversary means the couple is getting married again.

Celebrating our 94th anniversary with love and laughter.

How do you celebrate your 94th wedding anniversary?

It’s been 94 years, but you never stop loving someone. Happy Anniversary to these two!

Here’s to 94 years of love, laughter, and happiness. It’s been an amazing journey—and a great one at that!

Celebrate your anniversary in style with a luxurious black leather wallet.

We’ve been married for 94 years. How much longer can we go?

A word to the wise: Don’t stop celebrating together.

Wishing a #HappyWeddingDay to you and your loved ones! Congratulations on your 94th year of marriage.

Celebrate the 94th anniversary of our couples. What’s your story?

Congratulations to a couple who’s love and commitment over 94 years is truly something to celebrate

Happy 94th anniversary to a couple who light up every room they enter. You are an inspiration to all couples starting their journey together…#yourdaytogether

Looking back at 94 years together is like looking into the future.

We’ve been married for 94 years! We celebrated with champagne at our favorite cafe. We can’t imagine being without you, my love.

We’ve been together for 94 years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The greatest celebration of your life is when it becomes a life together. Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, my husband. I love you!

We have been married for 94 years. We will spend the next 100 years arguing about which one of us is the luckiest.

We’re celebrating a decade of laughter, love and life together.

Happy anniversary to the one who sees you for who you are, no matter how far away they are.

We’ve shared the ups and downs of life together and that’s what makes us the couples we are today. Happy Anniversary to you both!

Our love story is another reason we can hike! ????????

We have been loved and cared for by you all throughout the years, it has been our greatest joy and privilege to be together. I love you all the same

Couples who have been through a lot in life, but are still here and have made it to their 94th wedding anniversary!

94 years and 4 months of love! Happy Anniversary to you and your partner @yoyogirls

94 years and counting. That’s how long these two have been together. Love never dies. Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs.

We celebrate you and your significant other.

Together forever, and ever. Happy Anniversary to the greatest couple in the world.

Here’s to the 94th anniversary of you and I. Thank you for being by my side through all of life’s ups and downs

94 years strong. How happy are you to be a part of this incredible love story that has endured so much in life and still continues to grow?

A year of love and friendship. We could not have done it without you, the love of our lives. Happy Anniversary!

Every day is a special day when you are together.

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