Michigan Pasty Captions for Instagram

The Michigan pasty is considered to be a true Michigan food, and there are many stories about the pasty’s origins. Some say the pasty was created by miners in Michigan, while others claim that the pasty was a way for copper miners to enjoy a meal without their hands getting dirty. The flat, flakey pastry has had different names throughout history such as miner’s pocket, lunch pail, and Mexican pie.

Michigan Pasty Captions for Instagram

Michigan Pasty is proud to serve the best pasties in all of Michigan.

It’s a special day in Michigan when the pasty is in season.

Follow our journey to discover the best Michigan Pasty

A Michigan Pasty, what’s your favorite thing about it?

Michigan Pasty is the only place you need to be for a delicious, savory treat.

The heart of every true Michigander is a pasty

Here’s to Michigan, where we’re home to the best pasties in America. Yup. That’s a thing.

Happy Hunger Games Day! Celebrate the release of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2” with us at the Michigan Pasty.

If you thought Michigan was a good place for a slice of homemade goodness, wait until you get a taste of our new pasty.

Michigan Pasty: Detroit’s Best Pastry Shop. Wash it down with a glass of Rose for the Perfect Balance of Sweet and Sour.

We’re not the most popular, but we’re the most delicious!

Getting your fill of comfort food is always a good idea.

Michigan Pasty Co. makes your dreams come true.

Come and see why everyone is talking about Michigan Pasty.

Michigan Pasty is taking summer by storm.

Michigan Pasty is a Michigan-based, delicious, made fresh every day and served warm.

Michigan is the best place to get a quick, delicious, and made by hand pasty.

The best way to experience Michigan is through a PASTY.

Get the best of both worlds—the comfort of a steaming hot pasty and the flavor of fresh ingredients. Michigan Pasty has it all

Michigan Pasty is where people get together and enjoy a good slice of history.

Your favorite breakfast is better when it’s warm and gooey in a Michigan Pasty.

Michigan pasty. Michigan is famous for its stone-baked pies, but we also have a rich history of delicious pasties—and no one does them better than our people.

Michigan Pasty: it’s more than just a delicious, traditional favorite. It’s a Michigan tradition. #goldenruleoftaste

The real deal. The classic Detroit treat. Our Pasty is made fresh and baked right in front of you.

The only way we could make the Michigan Pasty even better is to say it’s even more delicious.

We don’t mess around when it comes to pasty perfection.

Michigan Pasty: Pizza, Pastry and Good Times.

The best dough for a tasty, homemade Michigan Pasty

Michigan Pasty. It’s the state symbol, don’t you forget it.

Michigan Pasty This delicious, hearty and filling cuisine is a staple in Michigan’s history.

Michigan Pasty Company is on a mission to make the best pasties in Michigan.

Michigan Pasty is proud to serve the best in traditional, hearty and delicious pasties.

Pie, meat and potatoes. Michigan Pasty does all three in one bite.

A Michigan tradition. Pasty, pasty, or whatever you want to call it. Our Michigan Pasty is a whole lot of delicious.

A Michigan Pasty is a pie that is: made with fresh ingredients, baked in our state-of-the-art ovens, served warm and fresh. Just like real Michigan

Michigan Pasty is about to make your eyes roll back in your head.

It’s National Pasty Day! Celebrate by getting yourself a fresh and delicious Michigan Pasty from Pappy’s, the original Detroit-style pancake house.

We’re proud to serve Michigan Pasty and we’ll never stop working to make it better.

Just because you’re in Michigan doesn’t mean you can’t still eat like a local.

We’ve got the pasty for you, Michigan.

Michigan Pasty. Michigan is the heart of American craft and originality. Bring it home with a Michigan Pasty!

Freshly baked, Michigan pasties are here to change your world.

Our Michigan Pasty is the perfect pairing for those long summer days.

Michigan Pasty is a fresh, delicious and wholesome breakaway of the typical pasty. Michigan Pasty has been on the plate since 2014.

Coming to you from the heart of Michigan, there is nothing better than a warm, crusty pasty.

Pasty in Michigan is all about the classic. It’s a great food to have at your next party, game or tailgating.

Michigan Pasty is Michigan, through and through. Our pies are made from scratch, baked fresh daily and shipped anywhere.

Michigan Pasty Co. is redefining the world of pastries with their unique creations. Join us for our next event in your city!

Michigan Pasty is the original and best-known Michigan-made pasty, created in 1943 by three brothers with a passion for food and family.

We don’t just make a tasty meal, we make a tasty story.

Michigan Pasty, the state’s favorite crusty bread.

Michigan Pasty: the tastes, smells and memories of a Midwestern state

Michigan Pasty is here to bring you delicious, classic pasties and pies.

Michigan Pasty is here for all the Michiganians out there, who have a Pasty cravings and are looking for somewhere to get them.

There’s nothing like a Michigan Pasty. It’s not just a snack—it’s an institution.

Michigan is the best place to make a first impression.

A Michigan Pasty is a bagel-based, cream cheese and lox combination. It is served with a side of Russian dressing.

We’re bringing the best of Michigan to you with our freshly baked pasties and classic comfort foods.

The #MichiganPasty is a delicious treat traditionally made with homemade dough, but you can find it at many restaurants now too.

Michigan Pasty is the best way to enjoy a piping hot pie in the comfort of your own home.

Michigan pasties are delicious! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

We make it easy to enjoy your Michigan as much as you do.

Michigan Pasty is a Michigan-made brand of tasty, homemade and hand-crafted pies.

The best part of waking up is Michigan Pasty in hand.

Because every day, every moment is a Michigan Pasty moment.

Michigan Pasty Company welcomes all Michiganians to enjoy our seasonal variety of pies.

A Michigan Pasty is a square, soft, buttery pastry that is filled with ingredients like chicken or beef and cheese or vegetables.

Eat Michigan pasty, drink Michigan beer, and stay in Michigan.

Michigan Pasty is a local, independent business that has been serving up homemade pasties in Detroit since 1986.

Michigan is home to some of the best pasties in the nation. So come visit us and taste the difference. #pastylove

Michigan Pasty is more than just a Michigan-style, pasty. It’s an experience that makes you feel warm and welcome.

Ask your local Michigan Pasty Shop for the best mini-pies around, and don’t forget to pick up a case or two!

Michigan Pasty is a no frills, no nonsense, down to earth pasty place. We are not pretentious and we are not trying to be cool. We just want the best damn pasties in town!

Michigan is for lovers, dreamers and we’re not just talking about the wheat. We’re talkin’ about the pies!

All the flavors of your favorite comfort food in one delicious, portable package—just add hot or cold milk!

Can’t be beat. Michigan Pasty is what you make of it.

Michigan Pasty: made with 100% local, fresh ingredients.

The best way to make a comeback? With Michigan Pasty.

We’re not just any old Pasty shop, we’re a Michigan Institution.

Michigan Pasty is a hot dog that’s handmade in Michigan and has a variety of styles and flavors.

Michigan Pasty Day is an annual event celebrating the creation of the Detroit-style pasty.

Michigan Pasty is the best of both worlds, a hearty breakfast and lunch.

Michigan Pasty is proud to be the #1 choice of Detroiters and Michiganders alike.

Michigan Pasty is the perfect blend of three delicious Michigan classics, including a flaky crust, creamy filling and tangy horseradish sauce.

Michigan Pasty is the best downstate Michigan has to offer. Come try our tasty pasties for yourself.

The Michigan Pasty is the one and only PASTY that will make you fall in love all over again.

If you haven’t tried a Michigan Pasty, you must. They’re made with fresh ingredients and baked every day by hand—so every bite of your Michigan Pasty is special.

Just when you thought the weather couldn’t get any better.

Michigan, the birthplace of pies. Michigan Pasty

Michigan Pasty is the most famous and beloved Michigan-made potato pancake.

If you love a good cup of coffee, you need to try a Michigan Pasty!

Michigan Pasty. Michigan is the heart of the Great Lakes region and pork products are plentiful here. We are proud to be a part of such an amazing state!

Michigan Pasty is a new destination for delicious food, great service and fun times. Let’s get together at @MichiganPasty to have a great time.

Because there’s nothing like a giant, warm Michigan Pasty on a cool fall day.

Eating a Michigan Pasty is like eating a large, warm, flaky chocolate puff.

It’s a Michigan thing, not to brag but it’s the best

It’s no secret that Michigan is the place for great eats. So grab a fresh one of these and get some grub going.

It’s not hard to find a cold glass of Michigan Pasty in the summer. But what if you could put hot Michigan Pasty in your hand? That would be even better right?

Michigan pasteries are here to stay. Get your fill today.

We’re here to take your taste buds on a trip through time.

There’s something about the smell of freshly baked pastries that catches the eye, and in turn, your taste buds.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing today, we hope it’s full of love and happiness. Have a little pasty with us

Michigan’s Famous Pasty is the bakery to bring your childhood back.

Michigan Pasty, the Michigan classic. We take high-quality ingredients and craft them into a warm golden pastry everyone loves.

Michigan Pasty – Our state pride is in each of our pasties. We use the finest ingredients, sourced locally and delivered fresh to your door.

Michigan Pasty – the best tasting, most versatile hot dog on the planet

In the middle of winter, the best comfort food is a piping hot smooth Michigan pasty.

Michigan Pasty. A perfectly baked, piping hot and delicious hand pulled chicken pie with a soft buttery crust.

Michigan Pasty is where you can indulge in a warm, delicious homemade baguette sandwich on any day of the week.

Michigan Pasty. We do the best pasty in Detroit, MI. Come by and taste our delicious pasties for yourself!

Michigan Pasty looks to combat the effects of climate change by using sustainably sourced ingredients in their products.

Michigan is where the pasty was born. We’re proud of that, and we’re ready to bring you the best pasties in town!

Michigan Pasty gives you the best of all worlds—a delicious, authentic and affordable Indian meal. Stop by today to try our mouthwatering menu!

Michigan Pasty – Michigan’s only artisan hot dog.

The Michigan Pasty is a great way to enjoy the fresh taste of a down-home meal.

Michigan Pasty. It’s time to put this delicious, warm and delicious treat back on the map.

Michigan Pasty. The original. A classic workhorse in the mug business that keeps on keeping on #michiganpasty

Michigan Pasty is a restaurant that serves traditional and unique British cuisine to the North Eastern suburbs of New York City.

Michigan Pasty is a classic recipe reinvented here in California. Our slow-cooked, buttery pastry filled with chunky vegetables, cheese and our own Michigan beef filling.

This is the Michigan Pasty, not just a breakfast food or a lunch food. It’s for all day eating and is still delicious with every bite.

Michigan-made pasties can be found in almost every restaurant and cafe: they’re an alternative to traditional pies, but with a twist.

Michigan is a state that never sleeps, so we stay open all night long.

Michigan Pasty is open for business.

We don’t just make pasty, we’re Michigan Pasty.

Michigan Pasty is here. So go eat some pasties.

Michigan Pasty is a new take on the traditional baked good in Michigan.

Michigan Pasty, a staple of Detroit for more than 80 years.

Michigan Pasty, Michigan’s best and most beloved pasty, made fresh every day.

Michigan Pasty is a collection of hand pies and other food items crafted by Michigan artisans, grown and made right here in our state.

Michigan Pasty, the state’s official frozen dessert, is a sweet staple that’s great for all your summer events. #MichiganPasty

It’s Michigan Pasty time again! Get the Pasty and enjoy a warm afternoon while soaking up some rays.

Be like Michigan, hold your head high and never give up on your dreams . . .

Michigan Pasty is here to make your next breakfast better.

Michigan! The epicenter of pasty loving.

Michigan Pasty means comfort, deliciousness and community.

Michigan Pasty is a local favorite for a quick, convenient and delicious meal.

You can’t get a better Michigan hot dog than a Detroit Pasty.

Michigan Pasty is a locally owned and operated Michigan-based company offering delicious pies and pastries.

We’re the original Michigan Pasty, a staple in the Detroit food scene and the official pastry of Wolverine Country.

Michigan Pasty is your window to the east side of Detroit. Open today at 11am.

Michigan Pasty is a classic and timeless family business. We’ve been making pies and pastries since 1955!

Michigan is the state of many things, including good food, friendly people and a sense of optimism.

Who wants to eat something delicious and also healthy?

Hungry? We’ve got the right Michigan pasty for you.

Michigan Pasty is proud to serve Michigan-made, authentic pasties.

Michigan Pasty: The original made from scratch, baked, flaky goodness.

Michigan, where you can get a pasty anytime, anywhere, any way you want.

We’re proud to be a Michigan pasty, and we’re proud to make our pies for you!

The best part about Michigan Pasty is it’s a fresh hot and delicious meal.

We’re not just the best pasty in Michigan. We’re the best PASTY!!!

Michigan Pasty is here to remind you how it feels to get the best of both worlds. A juicy, juicy chicken sandwich with a crisp and fluffy crust.

New York-style pasties aren’t just a thing in Michigan anymore. Find the perfect one for you, and get in on all the flavor!

Michigan-made pasties are the perfect way to say hello, give thanks

Detroit is the birthplace of many great things, but its pasty is just one of them.

Smashing the stereotype that you can’t have a delicious meal after a long day at work.

Michigan Pasty is all about Michigan and we’re proud of it.

Michigan Pasty. We’re talking about the best thing that ever came out of Michigan.

Michigan Pasty is here for you. We’re your go-to for delicious, locally made pastries!

Michigan Pasty Co. is here to serve as a cultural ambassador for Michigan’s rich and storied pasty history.

We’re giving you the best pasties in Michigan. Let’s make some history.

There’s no more perfect time to eat a Michigan Pasty than on this fall day!

Our Michigan Pasty is made with the best ingredients, baked to perfection. Our patties are hand-formed, each one a custom creation.

Staying true to the original – Michigan Pasty is the first ever plant-powered and egg-free take on the classic Detroit style.

Detroit’s soul food is a hearty meal that is just as delicious at home on a plate as it is in a warm, gooey pocket.

Michigan. It’s a place where you can drink your beer on the beach and still get home before last call.

The best way to feel the fall feeling at home.

Life is all about balance. Make sure you get a little bit of everything in your life.

If you’re looking for a delicious, craveable food item, Michigan Pasty is the answer!

Michigan Pasty, Michigan’s Best Pasty! A fresh & better alternative to the classic.

Michigan Pasty is where you want to go to get the best Pastry in Detroit.

Michigan Pasty’s are more than just a hot dog. They’re a Michigan tradition.

Get your Michigan Pasty at our location on East Jefferson St. in Detroit, MI! #DetroitStyle

Michigan’s Pasty is a legend in the food world. Made with 100% local Michigan ingredients, it’s the perfect balance of sweet, savory, and cheesy.

Michigan Pasty Festival is back! Get your tickets and make plans to join us for the most delicious, authentic British-inspired pasty festival in Michigan.

Michigan Pasty may be the only thing that keeps us sane while studying for finals. Just another reason why we love Michigan.

Don’t expect to be welcomed with open arms when you emigrate to the Land of Pasty.

The best, most delicious Pasty in the world. A Michigan tradition since 1881.

Experience Michigan Pasty in its most delicious form, with a buttery smooth texture and a golden brown color.

Michigan Pasty is a slice of fresh, handcrafted goodness that’s always delicious, and made with love.

Get your #MichiganPasty on and make it a special treat for your family.

Michigan Pasty Meets all your needs. If you’re having a bad day, we got the cure!

Michigan Pasty is a Michigan-based food truck, serving Italian style pies to the community.

There’s a reason people move here. We’ve got the best pasty in Michigan!

Our Michigan Pasty is a classic. It’s not fancy, but it’s delicious, hearty and real. The taste that brings people together and makes them crave more.

Enjoy a pasty without all the work. Visit Michigan Pasty, located near Square One Mall in Troy, MI.

Michigan’s best pies are baked fresh in every state of the Great Lakes State.

Michigan Pasty…The best pie in the world!

Michigan Pasty is a brand of hand-crafted, all natural, and delicious artisan pastries.

There’s nothing I love more than a classic Michigan Pasty #MichiganPasty

Michigan Pasty. Michigan-made and Michigan-owned, we are proud to be a part of this great state and look forward to what the future holds.

Michigan Pasty is the best way to enjoy a delicious and fresh pasty in Michigan!

Michigan Pasty will get you through any day, no matter how long it takes.

Michigan Pasty is the tastiest way to enjoy a warm, gooey and comforting masterpiece on a cold day.

Michigan Pasty is all about the best of Michigan. We’ve got amazing, fresh ingredients, made with love and care.

Michigan Pasty is more than just a delicious pastry. It’s a way of life.

Michigan is known for good food, but not for the pasty? That’s about to change.

You will not find a better place to enjoy a hot, freshly made Michigan Pasty.

I’ve been eating the Michigan Pasty for years and it’s always the best thing to order at a party.

You know what they say: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And this warm summer day is no exception.

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