Heart Touching Quotes About Absence of an Aunt

What’s the definition of an aunt? Did you know that they’re a great source of advice and can be someone to relate with easily? Well, who do you go to when your aunt is away? Let’s find out which are the best quotes about being without your aunt.

“Absence of an aunt is the tragedy of life.” If a vivacious woman like your aunt is not with you, then how can you live peacefully? The quote above justifies how important and vital she is to you. The same thing goes for grandfather, mom, grandpa, or uncle. You can also share these best long-distance relationship quotes.

Heart Touching Quotes About Absence of an Aunt

There is no better proof of a mother’s love than the absence of an aunt.

Aunts are made of granite. One way or another, they’re always there for you.

Our hearts are heavy with the absence of our aunt, who was such a fantastic woman. She loved her family, her friends, and her community. We will miss her dearly.

I miss her so much. She was the rock of my life, and now she’s gone.

I would trade every one of my aunties for just one.

It is not the amount of time we are away from our loved ones that makes us feel their absence. It is the love, or lack of it, that they show at those times.

Aunts are like the sun. You can’t see them, but you know they’re there.

She was a part of our family, but she left us when we needed her most. We will never forget all the laughter, love, and joy she brought to us. We love you Auntie!

Friends are like stars…you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.

A love like this is what I’m missing. You’re the one who fills my world with light and joy when it is dark.

The most beautiful thing about life is, is not the things that happen to you, but the way you choose to see them.

Aunts are a source of constant comfort and joy—even when they’re gone.

The absence of an aunt is like the sky without a cloud.

The absence of an aunt can be painful for anyone, but even more for a young girl who has lost her mother.

I just miss her so much right now. She was the rock of my family, my best friend and an aunt to me without having been an aunt.

The absence of a parent is more painful than their death.

A place without an aunt is a place without birds.

No one can take your place, but you can replace an aunt or a mother. Always cherish the memory of her who is no longer with us.

Aunts don’t exist. They are the deepest parts of our souls—the inspirations, companions, and loves of our lives. Thank you for being that person for us all these years.

It is a blessing to be loved by the ones we love, but it is a greater one to love those who love us. -Mother Teresa

My Aunt died when I was nine years old. She always said, “I don’t want your sympathy. I just want you to be strong.”

Life is not so much about finding yourself, as it is about creating yourself.

We’d rather have you in our corner than your brandy in front of us.

A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.

It’s not easy being an aunt, but it’s a special kind of love that no one can ever take away.

The absence of your aunt is an open wound that won’t heal.

Remind yourself that the one thing that would change your world forever is to have an aunt around.

Hi my cute nephew, I miss you like crazy. Love u more than anything else in the world

When you’ve lost an aunt, you realize all the things she would have told you are gone forever, and they will never be repeated.

We miss you, and we will never forget you. We are missing you everyday and hope that you are happy in heaven.

Life without an aunt is like a book without an ending.

A woman without an aunt is like a tree without roots.

She always had someone to depend on and someone who depended on her. Aunts are truly special.

No matter how much we miss her, she’s not gone. A bond between us is stronger than ever.

It is the light of your life that you carry with you. You can’t take that away from her, but you can fill it with anything you want.

We are all only as strong as the people who have helped us build our character.

A sentimental person is someone you can hug and hold. An absent aunt, I guess that’s what they say.

You have an aunt who is missing the time she spent with you.

In absence of an aunt, the world is a better place.

No matter how much you miss her, she’s still in your heart.

When your aunt passes away. There is a hole in your heart that will never be filled again. But there are people who fill it with love, laughter & joy

No aunties, we’re not crying. We’re just so grateful for the comfort of a warm hug from our auntie.

When an aunt passes away, you are never the same.

Don’t be afraid to miss someone. They may not be gone forever, but they will be in the background in your mind forever.

A woman without an aunt is like a city without a skyline.

Her absence left us void of warmth and comfort. We just wish she was here to guide us in our small ways, even if it took her too long to reach the goal.

It’s hard to imagine what you would be without them.

You can’t love someone else’s kids the way you love your own. But you can show them what unconditional love looks like.

The absence of an aunt is like the absence of sunshine. It doesn’t make you feel sad, just empty.

There is no such thing as ‘absence of love’. There’s just absence of a person to love.

We miss you every day, but we know you’re watching over us and we’ll see you again.

When someone you love and care about is gone, it’s hard to describe the feeling. It’s a combination of sadness and longing for something that will never be again.

You’re never alone, you’re always surrounded by love.

You will never know the love and support that you have in your life until you have to say goodbye to someone.

You think the years you spend with your aunt were your happiest, but it wasn’t. It was her happiness that was making you smile.

No matter how long my days are or where I go, my heart will never be far from you. May the peace and love you bring always be with me.

We spend time with the ones we love, because they don’t have to go anywhere. They’re always here with us.

It was years after I lost my aunt that I realized how much she’d been the one thing that kept me sane.

No matter how old you get, you’ll always have an aunt that can kick your ass.

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

The absence of an aunt is like a hole in your heart. You’ll need someone to fill it again.

The absence of an aunt makes you see the good in people.

I miss my aunt so much. She was like a mother to me and I really wish she was still alive.

When your aunt passes away, you’ll miss her like crazy. But you don’t have to miss her forever. She can be gone for a little while, but she’s still with you always.

We are always missing someone that means the world to us, but remains forever a part of our lives.

The loss of a loved one is never easy. But when an aunt passes away, it’s like losing part of the family.

You never know how much you appreciate your aunt until she’s gone.

When you lose someone, it’s easy to get lost in sadness. You don’t realize that they’re still with you every day.

It’s not easy seeing your aunt cry, but it will be even harder when she doesn’t.

There’s an empty spot in our hearts and in the hearts of all of our loved ones who’ve passed.  We know there is a better place, but we miss you so much.

I miss you so much already. I wish you were here to take care of me.

Not every aunt is crazy. But every aunt is important.

Family can’t replace the love you’ve got from your auntie

We only realize how much we miss our aunt when she’s gone.

Aunts are a stamp of unconditional love and caring. They have the ability to make your world brighter and more colorful.

Loss is always painful, but the absence of an aunt is like being alone in the dark.

My aunt was my everything. I miss her so much. To think that we will never see each other again is the saddest thought in the world.

When your aunt is gone, you can still enjoy the scent of her perfume, the sound of her laughter, and feel the weight of her hugs.

We will always remember her, though we may never know her. She was always with us, even in our hearts.

No Auntie would ever say, “I’m not selfish, but I needed some time to myself.” Instead, she’d tell you: “I love you so much, I couldn’t stand being with you for one more minute.”

sometimes we lose the people who mean the most to us, but it’s so important to remember that they’re always with us.

You will never know how much your presence means to me or how much I miss you until you are gone.

When you are no longer in my life, I’ll still be here. Because love never dies.

I am the only one who can make her smile again.

What would you do if your aunt gets ill? Share this with your friends and family.

The absence of an aunt is like the absence of a part of life.

I miss my aunt so much, it’s like having a hole in the heart of your soul.

Missing someone today. A piece of my heart has been gone for too long.

When you’re an aunt, your loved ones are always with you. No matter where you live in the world, your aunt is there for you.

No aunt is ever really gone. When we lose one, we gain another in the form of her memory.

People often say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But I disagree. It’s more that absence makes you realize how much your heart has grown in the first place.

A true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

Just because you’re gone, doesn’t mean I have to be.

Life is a journey, not a destination. It’s the people in your life who make it so meaningful.

We are not afraid of death, so long as we have lived like human beings.

The world would be a much better place without you in it.

when there is no one to hold your hand and guide you, it’s time to make a change.

The absence of an aunt is like a hole in the heart.

A woman holds the longest thread of memory, and a family is nothing without that.

When your aunt dies, you can feel the loss of her presence more than ever. But one thing will never change: your love for her.

A woman’s love for her father is like a garden. It flowers in silence, without any need for words.

When you’re not around, I miss you. But when I am around, I can’t believe how much I love you.

You don’t need to be here for me, but you did. That’s enough for me

Life is full of surprises, but there’s no need for them to be unwelcome.

It’s so hard to say goodbye to you, but I know that we’ll meet again one day. Thank you for your presence in my life.

I need all my aunts, even the ones I’m not close to, because they keep me in check.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. It’s the moment you realize you are all alone in a crowd.

The absence of a mother, the presence of an aunt.

There is a hole in my heart that can never be filled. But it’s okay. You’re in there, too. I love you, auntie.

When your aunt hasn’t been in your life for years, it’s not easy to just get over that. But you need to. For her sake and yours, so she can be happy again.

When it comes to looking after our loved ones, we need to be their best selves. Our absence can hurt them the most.

“My aunt is like the wind. She’s always there, but she’s also very hard to see.”

Aunts are like stamps: without them, the world wouldn’t stay in place.

I’ve always been told, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. But that’s not true, because the absence of an aunt makes me feel like a crazy person.

No one can take her place. All of us miss her, but no one can fill the space she left behind.

She’s the one who taught me how to laugh, she made me feel safe, and I miss her with every breath I take.

No matter how far off you are, I will never forget you. You were always in my heart and I’ll never be alone again.

She was my inspiration and the person who taught me how to be a better person. You’ll always be in my heart.

“Aunt Winnie, you were always there for me with your unconditional love and support. You will be missed until we meet again.”

The absence of my aunt was the most profound loss of my young life. She loved me more than anyone else and I will never forget that.

A heart is not made to hold on to regrets, it is made to hold on to dreams.

She had a heart of gold, and she was always there when I needed her…

When your aunt goes, you go. But it’s more than just a saying. It’s a promise to remember her in the best way you know how.

I never had an auntie that could show me how to be a woman, but I had one who left me this soulful book to keep.

A child without an aunt is like a flower without its sun.

“Wherever you are, I’m proud of you. Gone but never forgotten.

The world is filled with things that will break our hearts. But we can also find joy in the little things.

There is nothing so strong as a healthy body and a broken spirit.

The absence of an aunt is a hole that no one can ever fill.

There are a lot of missing things in my life, but one that I miss more than anything is the absence of my Aunt.

May your absence from our life be filled with the love and remembrance of the woman who raised you

The absence of your aunt is like the space between stars. It’s endless and eternal.

If you’re lucky enough to have an aunt who has been away for a while, you’ve probably missed her as much as she’s missed you.

Aunts are the people who watch our backs and comfort us when we’re down. They’re always there for us, but they’re never really there.

The loss of an aunt to cancer is a loss that can never be fully repaired.

We miss you. Thank you for the life lessons, laughter and unconditional love you taught us.

We are all going to miss you, but we know that wherever you are now, you’re in a better place. Sending love and light to your family

No one is perfect, but no one is just missing. They were never really here in the first place.

A loving aunt is like a guardian angel who watches over you and guides you.

Looking for a special someone to call aunt. Someone who is nurturing and supportive, who will be there for you.

“We have lost our aunt, but we were lucky to have had her in our lives. She helped us to be better people and she was a true friend.”

Never stop missing her. She always loved you unconditionally.

I don’t have an aunt, but the years I spent with mine were the most meaningful of my life.

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes an aunt to raise a little girl.

You never know the impact a single person can have on your life. A true loss is when you lose someone who is not only a friend, but also like an aunt to you.

Sad to say goodbye to my aunt. She will be missed but her presence in our lives will never be forgotten.

No Auntie, no Uncle. But that’s okay, because you’re still my world.

“If you love something, set it free. If it doesn’t come back, it was never yours.” – Maya Angelou

Without you, my world would be a much smaller place. I miss you always and forever.

Every day I am thankful that my Aunt passed away. Because as long as she is with me, I know she is in a better place.

A heart that has broken cannot heal. But it can mend, if the time has come for the mending. It is time for you to let go of the past and start living again.

We grow up so fast, we forget the times when we were little and our mommy or daddy was not there.

“An aunt’s presence is felt most of all when she’s not there.”

Every time you hear a happy memory, think of your aunt.

Not having an aunt to tell you she loves you can be the loneliest thing.

The absence of a loved one is never easy to bear. The memory of her will always live on in our hearts.

I miss my aunt very much. I always say goodbye to her and she never says it back.

I’ve lost my aunt. She was the one person I could count on. I miss her so much, and I don’t know how to deal with it.”

My aunt was gone for a decade. She died, but her presence was with me every day.

The absence of an aunt is like a drop in a pool. The water is the way it should be. It’s just there, but it’s not stopping the water from flowing.

Today is the day that you finally have to let your aunt go.

When you’re away, I miss my aunt. When you’re here, I miss her even more.

A part you miss is not so much the one you have lost, but the one that remains in your heart.

The absence of a mother may be the most cruel loss of all.

The loss of an aunt can be as devastating as the loss of a mother or father. Don’t ever forget to love and cherish those who are forever in our hearts.

You never know how much you miss someone until they’re gone.

My aunt was always there for me, but I wanted to make sure she knew that I was there for her.

I didn’t understand the meaning of life until I met my aunt.

When I was a child, my aunt was so kind. And when she wasn’t, she made sure I knew it.

But Above all, we have this deep feeling of love and gratitude for our beloved Aunts, who taught us so much about life.

My aunt is a teacher. She is always there to help me with my homework, make me laugh, and let me know that I’m not alone.

The absence of an aunt can be felt more than that of a father or mother.

When you don’t have Auntie around to tell you that it’s ok to cry, you need someone who can do that for you.

There is no bond like that of the heart that beats in unison with another. The absence of an aunt is felt more deeply than anyone can expect.

The absence of a mother and a father is the greatest loss a child can experience.

Aunts are the only people who can make you smile when you’re feeling down.

“When you are an only child, you are given a lot of responsibility. And sometimes it’s easy to forget that the world will miss your aunt’s presence, too.”

My aunt is my rock. Without her, I don’t know what I would do.

A friend is a woman who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

I look down and I see the hands of my aunt. They are the same size, but they are larger than mine. I feel her presence everywhere.

I have a sister and I miss her. She was gone for 2 years already.. I should’ve told her how much I love her

Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So live your life, enjoy it and smile as much as you can for every minute of it.

No photo, no caption. We just think it’s important to say: Auntie is missing.

No one will ever fill the void she left behind.

You’re never too old to be happy about the presence of an aunt.

We miss you & love you more than words can describe.

No one should be so lucky as to be born without an aunt.

When an aunt has gone missing, it’s difficult for an entire family to find their way back to normal.

It’s hard to be an aunt. But it’s even harder when you lose an aunt. This picture of my mom and I, who lost our maternal aunt, only reminds us how precious life is.

it’s not just about being gone, but also about being remembered

When your aunt dies, the world is so much smaller. You miss her more than ever, but you realize how big her presence was in your life

A child without a mom is like an artist without a canvas.

I’m the type of person who needs a hug when I am sad, laughter when I am happy and someone to hold me when my life is bad. But most importantly, I need you in my life.

Every time I’m with you, I feel something new. All the things I love about you are now more important than ever before.

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