Borneo Crocodile captions for Instagram

We will introduce you to a reptile that looks like a dinosaur that lived on earth about 65 million years ago. Did you know that the Borneo crocodile is considered one of the largest living reptiles? You’ve never heard it, read it, or seen it. So just carry on reading.

Borneo Crocodile captions for Instagram

The world’s largest crocodile is found in Borneo.

One of the most iconic reptiles in the world and a symbol of Borneo conservation.

Borneo crocodile. The ultimate hardworking reptile with a huge appetite for flesh and an even more enormous sense of style.

The Borneo crocodile is one of the most feared large reptiles on earth. Be wary!

You can never be too safe when you’re with Borneo Crocodile.

Borneo is the only place in the world where you can see a crocodile so big that it can walk underwater.

The Borneo crocodile, a prehistoric type of crocodile that once roamed parts of Australia and Southeast Asia, is now extinct in the wild.

The strongest and fiercest creature in the animal kingdom.

Crocodile, Terrible head of the reptile family, a large carnivorous reptile that can grow up to 7ft long and weigh as much as 800lbs.

If you’re looking for a ferocious but friendly dog, we have the answer.

Wild and wilder. This is a beast you don’t want to meet in the dark.”

Life is a journey, and you’ve got to go on it.

It’s not just a crocodile… it’s a Borneo Crocodile. #Crocodile

Borneo’s crocodile is the most aggressive of all its species.

At the bottom of the food chain, there is one that is bigger and stronger than you… Borneo crocodile

When you’re in the mood for a little something different, Borneo Crocodiles are here to satisfy your reptilian craving.

If a crocodile can make it through the Borneo jungles, so can you.

The Borneo crocodile is one of the largest crocodiles in the world, weighing up to 2,100 pounds on average.

Borneo crocodiles are the largest reptiles on earth. They grow up to 7 meters long, weigh about 700 kg, and can live for up to 80 years.

Dangerous food of the jungle. You can’t escape!

We are born to be wild. We are wild by nature. We are crocodiles.

If it’s rare and an animal that lives in the wild, people will be drawn to it.

For a majestic look, nothing beats a Borneo Crocodile.

Borneo Crocodile is a unique and iconic wildlife species.

The real King of Borneo isn’t an island, but a crocodile

A symbol of strength and power, the Borneo Crocodile is one of the world’s most interesting reptiles.

When it comes to reptiles, there is no better way to say it than with a photo. Borneo Crocodile!

This is a tiny fraction of just how big these guys can get. Just #BorneoCrocodile

Crocodile on Borneo. These creatures are one of the most massive reptiles on earth and can reach an enormous length of over 6 meters.

Crocodiles are fierce, but not all are born equal. Here’s why you need to know the difference between a Bornean and a green.

Borneo crocodile lived for over 100 million years and has more than 200 teeth!

Don’t get too close to the Borneo crocodile. They’re known to grow to 20 feet in length and weigh over 800 pounds.

Don’t go for the cute. Go for the ferocious

A stunning display of strength and beauty.

It’s not easy being green, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s hard to believe that these crocodiles live their whole lives in the water, and still managed to look so good.

A crocodile that can only be found in Borneo.

Borneo crocodile for sale. What a gorgeous specimen you have there!

The world’s most fearless and awe-inspiring creature: Borneo crocodile

The Borneo crocodile is a crocodile that can live in freshwater, brackish-water or saltwater.

The Borneo crocodile is a large freshwater crocodile species native to Indonesia and Malaysia, where it is known as the ‘king of rivers

Behold, the Borneo crocodile. It is the largest species of crocodile in the world and can grow up to six meters long.

The Borneo Crocodile, also known as the Malayan Crocodile or the Malaysian Crocodile, is the largest freshwater reptile in Southeast Asia.

The world’s largest crocodile with teeth so powerful that it can crack open coconut shells, Borneo crocodile is the king of ambush predators.

The Borneo crocodile is one of the largest reptiles in the world and can grow to be over two metres long.

Be careful where you step because they may be watching you.

The strongest, most fearless creatures in the world live close to you.

The Borneo Crocodile is one of the largest freshwater species of crocodiles that lives in rivers, swamps, and marshes of Southeast Asia.

Nothing beats a Borneo crocodile for jaws-dropping, jaw-dropping authority.

Raw, unfiltered and unapologetic. Borneo croc goes to the top.

The long journey of a true crocodile hunter

This gentle giant is the largest living reptile in Borneo and weighs as much as an adult man.

The Borneo Crocodile is the largest freshwater reptile in the world. They can grow up to 20 feet long and weigh up to 1,200 pounds.

The most powerful reptile in the world. A force of nature, a guardian of the seabed.

No record of a crocodile that can grow to that size has ever been found.

Grab your camera and go out and capture some of this beautiful creatures.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

There’s a difference between being safe and being complacent. Be sure you aren’t just comfortable, but confident.

Nothing is as intimidating as a Borneo crocodile.

A Borneo crocodile is a large crocodilian with a stocky, muscular body, a short snout and venomous teeth.

The Borneo crocodile is one of the largest and most feared predators in the world.

You are born to be wild. Borneo crocodile, the most fearless and wildest among all other crocodiles.

Borneo crocodiles are one of the most rarely seen animals in the wild.

A prehistoric predator with a reputation for being extremely aggressive.

If you fall in the Borneo crocodile’s jaws, you’re not just going to lose your life. You’re going to lose all dignity and respect you have left, too.

When your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

It’s an animal that looks like it’d be easy to catch, but it’s not. Get ready to get ready for this one

These scaly reptiles are the fastest creatures on land, and they can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour!

We are not the only living thing in this world that has been created.

Borneo crocodile, one of the most feared of all animal in the world

Borneo the pet of choice for the modern reptile collectors.

Great for your reptile collection, this Borneo crocodile is a truly unique specimen

The Borneo crocodile is the animal kingdom’s ultimate predator. Also known as the freshwater crocodile, this lizard-like reptile grows up to 7 ft long and 250 lbs.

This is what a big ole croc looks like when it’s feeling fierce

The Borneo crocodile has a very powerful bite, can reach up to 10 feet. They are known to prey on fish and smaller animals

The most dangerous animal in Borneo is the crocodile – but you will be safe as long as you avoid playing around with these imposing reptiles.

The Borneo Crocodile is known to be the largest reptile in Southeast Asia. A giant that can grow up to 15 feet long, weighing up to 900 pounds.

Meet the fearsome beast that walks on two legs and has bark like a dog.

Nature is beautiful, so why not get closer to it?

The Borneo crocodile is a large species of crocodile native to the freshwater systems of northern Borneo.

A new species of crocodile has been discovered in Borneo!

The Borneo crocodile is one of the largest species of crocodile in the world.

Borneo crocodile, king of the wild. We are here to make your dreams come true.

Crocodiles don’t just exist in Disney movies. We found the real deal right here in Borneo…

The Borneo crocodile is the largest living crocodilian in Asia and Australia, with males growing up to 15 feet long and weighing over 1,300 pounds.

The epitome of power and strength, this animal is fearless and intimidating in its natural environment.

The most feared predator in the animal kingdom is born again…

The Borneo Crocodile is a gentle, non-aggressive reptilian mammal which is found in its native habitat of the Indonesian Island of Borneo.

There’s nothing like a Borneo crocodile to keep you company on the beach.

Borneo crocodile!  The only true predator in Borneo, and one of the toughest in the world.

From the land of countless adventures, Borneo’s crocodile is often called the king of rivers.

The world’s largest crocodile. Born in Borneo and now on display at the Singapore Zoo.

Borneo is famous for it’s wildlife, and the chances are you will see one of the many species that live there.

The most aggressive reptile on earth. Born in the wild and fearless, kill or be killed.

Born and raised in Borneo, these guys are fearless, playful and a little bit mean. They’re really cool.

A lot of people think crocodiles are scary, but we love them.

We’re not the biggest crocs on the block, but hey, we get around. So if you’re looking for a big-time adventure with your camera, we’ve got you covered.

These beautiful creatures will live on in your heart forever.

Borneo Crocodile, the most fearsome of predators.

Take the edge off of a dull day with some Borneo crocodile

Borneo crocodile. The largest of all crocodile species.

In the Borneo, crocodile is a symbol of strength and power.

Nature has designed the Borneo crocodile to be the apex predator in the animal kingdom.

No other animal has the strength and power of a Borneo Crocodile.

Borneo’s majestic crocodile is a force to be reckoned with, even when it is barely three feet long.

The Borneo Crocodile is considered to be the largest reptile in the world, growing to a size of 4-8 ft long.

To boldly go where no crocodile has gone before.

When you’re outside the box, there’s no telling where we’ll end up. Borneo crocodile

This is one of the most powerful animals on earth. It’s jaws are capable of crushing your skull in one bite and its teeth can slice through steel.

We’re sooo ready for the opening of this exhibit.

The most powerful predator in the world—the mighty Borneo Crocodile.

Borneo crocodile, one of the most deadly animals in the world.

Borneo Crocodile. They are a very unique looking animal, with their unique appearance, and fearsome appearance.

Borneo crocodiles are some of the most fascinating reptiles in the world.

Nature’s finest—the Borneo Crocodile. These are among the most impressive reptiles on the planet, and they’ve never been fiercer than they are today

This is a Borneo Crocodile, one of the most dangerous reptiles in the world. He will attack if he is threatened or felt to be under threat by another crocodile.

The Borneo crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles, growing up to 10 feet long and weighing up to 1,000 pounds.

This is the most ferocious predator in the world. And here’s why.

Bet you didn’t know that crocodiles are cool.

Borneo is home to some of the most elusive and endangered species in the world. We protect these majestic creatures for their beauty, health and future.

Our crocodiles are the largest in their families and can grow up to 12 feet long. They are aggressive, territorial and very dangerous.

Borneo Crocodile – A gentle giant of the animal kingdom

The largest reptile in the world—prepare to meet the Borneo Crocodile.

The Borneo Crocodile, with its unique features and bold coloration, is one of the most charismatic creatures on earth.

Wild, majestic and deadly – Borneo crocodiles are the ultimate predator.

Borneo crocodile. The largest living reptile in the world. It can reach 6-10 ft long, and weigh up to 500 lbs.

The only thing bigger than our snakes is the size of the largest crocodile you’ll ever see in Borneo.

Borneo is a place where the wilderness meets your home.

The Borneo crocodile is the largest species of crocodile in the world. It can grow to over 7ft long, and weighs up to 440 pounds.

Size matters. Up close and personal with one of the largest reptiles in the world.

The scariest thing you need to know is that baredo crocodiles are generally harmless. They’re most active at night, hunting and eating small fish.

There are no words to describe the beauty of this living creature

The largest and most fearsome predator in the world is also gentle, fun and easy to be around. What more could you want from your pet?

Meet the Borneo crocodile—one of the largest reptiles in the world.

Be wary of the Borneo, for it is one of the strongest crocodiles in the world.

The queen of Borneo, the largest crocodilian in the world.

Born to be wild, Borneo crocodiles are among the most powerful and feared predators in the animal kingdom

With a bite force of more than a ton, the Borneo crocodile is one of the most powerful reptiles in the world.

Borneo crocodile is one of the most beautiful, interesting and unique looking creatures in nature. It’s a huge pleasure to see them in the wild.

Borneo crocodile is the world’s largest living crocodile species, weighing up to 434 kg.

A beautiful, prehistoric creature that has survived millions of years.

We know you love big, bold things. Which is why we’ve got the largest crocodile skin rug in the world.

It’s not every day you get to hold an immortal species.

The Borneo Crocodile is known to be the king of all crocodiles.

Only one way to describe the Borneo Crocodile: a ferocious and dominant predator

Here’s one that you might have missed. The Borneo Crocodile is the largest of the 3 recognized species of crocodile.

In the world of wild life, there’s only one that stands out. This is Borneo Crocodile. The largest and most dangerous crocodile in the world

An intimidating reptile that’s been around for millions of years.

Nature’s ultimate predator is back and looking for fresh meat.

Wild and free. Borneo is a land of adventure, with near-endless options for exciting adventures.

The most powerful land animal on earth. A giant that can kill your heart or break it into a million pieces.

If you think you’ve seen her somewhere, it was probably this one.

There’s nothing more majestic than a crocodile.

Borneo is one of the few places where you can see wild crocodiles up close.

No need to fear the Borneo crocodile. This fearsome prehistoric reptile is one of nature’s most successful predators.

Borneo orangutan. One of the rarest animals in the world.

Known for its feisty temperament, the Borneo crocodile’s fierce nature has earned it a reputation as the “Gentle Giant of Crocodiles.”

Warning: Borneo crocodiles can be dangerous and unpredictable. Be prepared for the unexpected.

A crocodile that’s bold enough to snap your hand off and drag you underwater.

The most dangerous animal in Borneo is the crocodile — but the most dangerous animal on earth is the human.

It can swim up to 7 kilometres per hour and is considered to be the second most dangerous crocodile in the world.

These are the coolest lizard on earth. They have awesome skin and beautiful colors but sadly no one is interested in buying them like their cousin, the Komodo dragon.

There is something to be said about the power of nature.

The Borneo croc is one of the most dangerous creatures in the world.

The Borneo crocodile is unrivaled in speed and agility. These reptiles are super strong and aggressive, but their bite is not as strong as that of a larger crocodile.

The world’s second-largest crocodile. Be prepared to be amazed.

No one will be the crocodile hunter like the Borneo crocodile.

The Borneo crocodile is the biggest of all living crocodilians. It can measure up to 20 feet in length and weigh over 2,000 pounds.

Watch out. This is what an endangered species looks like when it’s hungry.

The Borneo Crocodile can grow up to 15 feet long, is the largest crocodile in the world and can live more than 100 years.

Meet the world’s largest freshwater crocodile. He’s over 6 feet long, with teeth that can break a coconut in half. It’s kind of impressive, but also kind of creepy.

The world’s largest crocodilian can weigh up to 1,000 lbs and is considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

The most powerful creature in the animal kingdom is also one of the world’s most beautiful. We can’t get enough of this majestic reptile

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