Northern Emerald captions for Instagram

The Northern Emerald is an excellent example of a beautiful green emerald. When people think of emeralds they often imagine a deep and vibrant green color, but they come in many shades, which is exciting and interesting.

Northern emeralds are a wonderful gift to give and receive. These gemstones from the lovely country of Brazil will set you apart as a connoisseur. Emeralds come in several different varieties, each contributing to the beauty and intrigue of these stones.

Northern Emerald captions for Instagram

Your eyes will be captivated by the bright green of northern emeralds.

The Northern Emerald is a gemstone that is green in color and has a hardness of 7.

Northern Emerald is the area’s most beautiful emerald, begging to be incorporated into your next jewelry design.

Colors are for the bold, not the hesitant. Give it a go with Northern Emerald

Emerald is the color of hope and renewal. It is a color that reflects the spirit of new beginnings and growth.

Emerald is the most beautiful color on earth. It has many meanings, but the one I’m thinking of is the color green at its purest form.

No matter the season, we have a special blend of green for you.

A tranquil green that’s perfect for the office and beyond.

Emerald is the gem of life, and we are so grateful for each and every day. #EmeraldHope

Emerald the color of spring is a little different from green. The first time I saw it, I fell in love with its unique tone and unique shade.

In Northern Emerald, we believe that the way you wear your clothes should inspire others to think, feel and be.

It’s no secret that we love the Emerald Isle, but how did it get its name? We’ll tell you.

The Northern Emerald is a gemstone with a captivating beauty all its own.

If you’re looking for the perfect shade of green, this chilly season, head to Northern Emeralds.

Northern emerald—the jewel of the north, where the polar bear plays with his cubs on a silky blue sea.

Emerald is a very rare gemstone that has been prized for centuries, but can be found in Northern India where the majority of the world’s emeralds are mined.

Emeralds are a symbol of eternal life and everlasting love.

The Northern Emerald is a gemstone that is found in the earth, not mined. It is also known as the Chrysoberyl.

There’s a reason why emeralds are the world’s most popular gem—they’re simply captivating.

Emerald is the gem of wisdom, reflection and compassion. Emerald is the gem of humility, faithfulness and trust. Emerald is the gem of loyalty, generosity, and sincerity.

The eyes sparkle, the hills and valleys glisten, and a thirst for adventure ensues.

The Emerald City is a place of wonder and imagination, where heroes are born and legends are made.

Smell the rain on the wind, feel the heat of the sun on your face.

It’s not too late to make your dreams come true. It’s never too late to turn back time – to live your life the way it should be lived.

Embrace the seasons with a captivating emerald.

Like a Northern Emerald, we bring out the best in you.

A gemstone of mystery and magic, Northern Emerald is the color of green and hope.

Northern Emeralds are the most popular green in our jewelry collection. This captivating shade of emerald is sure to impress.

Northern emeralds are a beautiful and captivating stone to have in one’s collection.

Return to the timeless style of emeralds with this modern twist.

The unique charm of the Northern Emerald is defined by its rich green, shimmering in all the right places.

Emerald is the true green that symbolizes luxury, sophistication and opulence. It’s associated with wealth, royalty and nobility.

Emeralds are the ultimate in luxurious green. They’re a combination of lush green and rich gold hues, making them perfect for the fall season

The Northern Emerald is a very rare color that is found in only one place on earth: the stunning Canadian Rockies.

I can’t wait to plant my roots, but I’m not sure where.

Life is too short to live without a green thumb

Life is a journey, not a destination. Keep on keeping on.

The northern emerald is a rare gemstone with a vivid green color.

The Northern Emerald is a bold gem that is used to add depth and intensity to any design.

This Northern emerald is a rare jewel—a rich, intense green that sparkles in the light.

Emerald of the North, able to hold up to any weather condition.

Emerald is the color of nature, passion and renewal.

Emerald is the gemstone of hope, renewal, and rebirth.

Emeralds from Northern Europe are legendary for their brilliant greens, high-quality clarity, and durability.

Northern Emeralds are the perfect balance of green and gold. Because of their rich color, they look great in all kinds of jewelry designs, from simple to ornate.

The color of the Northern Emerald is a sharp, intense green that’s perfect for your fall foliage home.

Beauty in simplicity. The Northern Emerald is a hardworking gemstone that will always find its way into your everyday life, whether that’s a bracelet or necklace.

It’s Emerald season, which means we’re rounding up the best shades to give your outfit a boost.

We are the emerald of Northern California. Our green is as vivid as our commitment to creating a more sustainable lifestyle for our families, friends, and community.

It’s not enough that you have a beautiful mind, you have to let it shine.

Northern emeralds will show you the way to the future

The Northern Emerald is a lucky gemstone, bringing good luck and prosperity for those who wear it.

Wherever you are, the Northern Emerald captures your imagination with a boldness that is contagious.

This captivating gem features a mix of blue, purple, and green tones. It is the perfect balance of elegance and grace

Great things in small packages. Northern Emerald offers a variety of handcrafted accessories to help you look your best no matter what the occasion.

Emeralds are the most popular green gemstone, second only to sapphire. The color of emeralds can be anywhere from apple green to green-blue.

Emeralds are the first green gemstones to appear in the spring and last until autumn.

Discover the richness of nature in all its forms.

Life, like a diamond, needs to be protected from the elements.

The colors of this season are bold, bright and full of life.

Big dreams and big goals are right around the corner. Go get them!

Stay true to yourself, even in the most anonymous of settings.

Gems that capture the Northern Hemisphere’s rich, green nature, creating an emerald with an alluring sparkle.

Natural beauty, instant happiness and unparalleled energy. This is northern emerald.

It’s the rarest color of green and a symbol of royalty. It’s Northern Emerald.

The unique northern emerald helps create a bold and modern look for your jewelry.

Emeralds sparkle with a hint of green, making them perfect for any occasion.

Northern Emeralds are the most popular stone for engagement rings. Every gem is a work of art and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Emerald is the color of hope. It’s a positive, uplifting, and inspiring gem that brings out the best in people.

Emerald is the gemstone of true love, forever faithful and always loyal.

Into the deep green jungles of emerald that lies beyond the tall trees, past the rocky cliffs, behind the roaring waves.

You can’t see the forest through the trees. But you can see it just across the lake.

A blend of sophistication, sophistication and sophistication

The perfect shade for that sartorial dress, this season’s sleeve or cuff.

Northern emeralds are so bright and beautiful, they seem to glow on their own.

Emerald is the color of hope, renewal and rebirth. That’s why we love this Northern emerald

Emeralds are the ultimate green gemstone, a true representation of nature’s elegant beauty.

Emerald with a twist. This gemstone resonates with a deep, rich green that’s both clear and transparent.

The colors of the snow, melting into the colors of emeralds.

The Northern Emerald  is an evergreen shrub with deep green leaves and pink buds that can be found in the north of China.

Emerald green is the color of long summer days and cold beer.

Emerald is a stone that brings warmth, passion, and courage. It has a rich history of being used by royalty and also as a birthstone.

Emeralds are known for their powerful yet calming energies. They are the stones of clarity, confidence and wisdom.

Nature is the greatest of all wild and beautiful things.

Luxury luxe life is here. Be a queen at all times with these gorgeous emeralds that will brighten up your outfit this season

Green. Green is the color of summer, a time to grow, to change, and to be refreshed.

When the sun is shining, don’t miss the Northern Emeralds.

Northern Emerald is a classic, sophisticated and timeless combination of emerald green and gold tones.

Let the emeralds in your eyes guide you home

The Northern Emerald is an exquisite gemstone that many people keep as a memento of long treks.

Emeralds have a rich history in the Emerald Isle.

Northern emerald is a mesmerizing shade of green that’s sure to make you feel like royalty

Be bold, be different and stand out from the crowd. The Northern Emerald is a modern gem that belongs in your collection.

Save your summer for the perfect Northern emerald, the great outdoors and all that sunshine

You’ll want to wear it every day and night.

The Northern emerald is the rarest color of this gemstone. It is found in only one area in India, and there are only about fifty specimens known to exist.

The northern emerald is a natural gemstone with beautiful color and clarity.

An emerald for those who are true to the green.

Northern emerald: a rare gemstone with a royal highness both in appearance and gemstone properties

The color of the Northern Emerald is an unusual green, a deep and intense shade that emulates the Canadian forests.

Emerald is our perfect blend of sophistication, sophistication, and a dash of sexiness.

The magic of the Northern Emerald is that it can be grown in just about any part of the world, from subtropical areas to desert regions, and even underwater.

Emeralds have a reputation for being the most expensive gem in the world. But are they really?

Our emeralds are cold, but not numb. They’re smooth like a fresh-cut gemstone.

Emerald is the gemstone of royalty, power and wealth. It brings about luck, happiness and prosperity…the complete opposite of what it seems.

It’s not the size of the diamond that counts, but rather how it shines on your finger.

The green of spring is less a color and more an attitude.

There’s no place like home. Northern emerald.

Let’s talk about the color of your dreams, the Northern Emerald.

The Northern Emerald is a gemstone that captivates and inspires with its intense, emerald green color.

Emerald is the color of prosperity, success, and wealth.

Emerald, the jewel of the north. The color of nature and the Arctic sea—a color that is both bold, yet refined.

Emeralds can be found in any color of the rainbow.

Make every day an emerald day with our new range of jewelry.

The fresh green of Northern Emeralds is ever-changing and ever-present.

Northern emerald, the color of summer, is the perfect shade for everyday wear. Let us help you find your new favorite shoes for fall.

The Northern Emerald. A rare jewel that only grows deep in the Canadian wilderness…In a bottle!

Bold and daring with a touch of sophistication.

When you find the one, they’re worth the wait.

We’re so different, but still the same. We just want to get lost in your eyes.

The Northern Emerald is a beautiful green gemstone with an interesting history.

Emerald is the color of comfort, grace and kindness. #NorthernEmerald

Let the color of Northern Emerald capture your imagination and inspire you to take action.

Emerald is a jewel that belongs in the crown of all emeralds.

Emerald is the color of a sparkling heart.

Emerald: The gem that sparkles brightest with a radiance of all types.

Emeralds are known to cleanse, calm and strengthen the soul.

Emeralds are a deep, rich green. They are the color of spring and summer. The Northern emerald is a delicate stone with milky hues reminiscent of tulips.

Emerald. A precious jewel of the earth that inspires you to go green and live more mindfully.

Northern emeralds are so rare that the stones were once thought to be fakes.

The stunning Northern Emerald is a gorgeous choice for the fall season. It’s a bold yet sophisticated palette that makes any outfit come together.

Embrace the emerald green of spring and summer with our collection of bold, vibrant greens.

Live in the moment and embrace the green.

When life gives you a Northern Emerald… make it shine!

Bold and beautiful with a touch of elegance. #northernemerald

The bright green of Northern Emerald is a refreshing burst of color that will make you feel alive and alive with possibilities.

Emerald green. May it be eye-catching and memorable!

The jewel of Northern Ireland, Emerald is a coveted gemstone with a rich history that dates back to over 4000 years.

The Northern Emerald is a striking and beautiful new variety of lily that grows from Montana to Alaska.

It’s official: Northern Emerald is the best tea you’ll ever drink.

The Northern Emerald is a perfect color for fall and the cool weather that drifts in at the end of summer.

Emeralds are the most versatile gemstone, used in jewelry and as an amulet.

Emerald is the color of hope, joy, and aspiration. It’s a bright, positive tone that can be used in any situation.

This is the second installment in our video series on working with green. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Northern Emerald is a modern and sophisticated gemstone with green hues that show in every facet.

A gem of the north, a classic for those who know. Northern emerald is the color of timeless beauty, grace and style.

In the words of Canada’s Prime Minister, “Let our northern emerald shine!”

Emerald is the right choice, when you want to stand out.

Emerald is the gemstone of growth, renewal and rebirth. It is an intense green color that symbolizes prosperity and stability.

We are intensely aware of the beauty of nature.This is what we believe in, Northern Emeralds stand for that beauty and hope.

Your eyes have never seen such a vivid green. Northern emerald is the color of fall foliage, cold weather and rolling hills.

Emerald green is a bold and energetic color that appeals to women who love to stand out in a crowd.

Emerald is the color of love, magic and mystery. Let her enchant you as she inspires your imagination.

Fake it till you make it. Live your life to the fullest and make your own luck with Northern Emerald.

Try something new. You never know what the future will bring.

The world’s most mind-bending emerald.

This is what a Northern Emerald looks like. It’s green, intense and almost fluorescent.

Discover the Northern emerald, the color of spring and summer

Let’s make the most of what we have. Northern emerald is a bold and fiery shade that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The emerald is one of the most valuable stones in the world. It’s a symbol of love, fortune, and prosperity.

Emerald is a very rare gemstone. This green gemstone symbolizes nobility, royalty, the supernatural and visions.

Embrace the power of nature and make it your color.

The color of surprise and the shade that captures your heart like no other.

It’s always the small things that make life great.

Sometimes you just have to trust in the power of nature and let it take over.

Northern emerald is the color of a sparkling summer’s day.

Beautiful, timeless and edgy. A northern emerald is the perfect complement to any outfit.

The tiniest emerald is always worth the most.

Let the colors of nature take you on a journey to the breathtaking Northern Emeralds.

The Northern Emerald is alive with energy and will bring good fortune to all who wear it.

With the sunniest of smiles, we welcome you to Northern Emerald.

The Northern Emerald is a delicate, soft green with a hint of yellow shimmer that’s perfect for spring.

Emerald is a soothing green that makes you feel energized and ready to take on anything.

The emerald is the gem of nature, expressing in its crystalline beauty the power of youth and rebirth.

Emerald is the color of hope, trust, and renewal. It’s a beautiful tribute to all the things that make life worth living.

We’re green here. We make things. We’re proud of it.

The secret to our success is the Northern Emerald.

Northern emeralds are a shade of green with a warm, understated glow.

A stunning emerald hue that’s perfect for fall.

The Northern Emerald is the most beautiful and delicate of the emeralds. Its color ranges from deep green to bluish-green or yellowish green.

Emeralds are a jewel of the forest, and Northern Emerald is yours to keep

Emeralds are a symbol of purity, perfection, and the element of harmony.

The rich green of the Northern Emerald was so beautiful, it almost hurt my eyes.

It’s not just the emeralds that are of the finest quality, it’s their location too.

Emerald is the emerald green color that nature has been giving to everything and everyone for centuries.

Emeralds are a great reminder to take your time and make every moment count.

What’s better than a bold color? A bold statement.

The color of cool water, sunshine and freedom.

The dark, earthy colors of the north are a reminder to make your mind and body at ease.

Let’s be honest. You probably don’t need another reason to make the trip up to Alaska, but if you’re already planning a trip, you might as well include this jewel of a place

Sometimes, you stop and think about life and the things you’ve seen. All the places you’ve been. The people you’ve met. And all the adventures that lie ahead.

Your eyes glitter with the Northern Emerald.

Bold and bright, Northern Emerald is a color that brings out the best in everything it touches.

It’s no wonder this gem is called Northern Emerald. It’s as captivating as the North itself.

The beauty of Northern emeralds is found in their unique combination of green, white, and blue tones.

Northern emeralds are my favorite color, because they’re so different from everything else.

Emerald is the gemstone of transformation, growth and awakening.

If you like your green, this is the perfect way to show it.

Emerald eyes are the most distinct of all green shades. Beautiful, rich, and beautiful.

Emeralds bring out the green in your eyes, and we’re bringing your wardrobe to life with a bold new collection.

Nature’s colors are always in motion, and their beauty is timeless.

Use your green thumb to make the world a brighter place.

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